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... e skin. I didnt want to pop them or whatever,cause they were a nice size. A couple days ago though, i was washing my face and it felt so nasty. and it felt as if blood or they were filled. They have been that way for weeks!! So i said i had to pop them. I did and it looked really really really bad at first. ... (15 replies)
... Within the past 6 months or so, I get this kind of pimple once every month or so that forms under the skin. It is extremely sensitive to touch and I can just slightly feel blood pumping into it. It never comes to a head, and the skin gets extremely red. ... (15 replies)
... birth control 4 months ago. Now I seem to break out with pimples that take forever to go away! This summer I noticed a bump on my forehead. It is the size of a pimple but was not red and was the coloor of my skin. So I figured it was a zit that hadn't come up yet. ... (2 replies)

... Today i put BP on my pimple in the morning and by tonight, there was a whitehead on it. I popped it but there's still a pretty hard bump. Perhaps half is still raw? ... (11 replies)
... I am almost 18 now and prior to about 6 months ago, i never had any problems with acne, maybe the occasional large pimple that appeared on my nose. ... (8 replies)
... w you don't want to here this, but I have had same symptoms and I have genital herpes type 2 . You should go to the herpes board and read some of the post. Get a blood test or hae the bumps cultured. Genital herpes tends to show up on buttocks and thigh area, but can be spread to any part of your body. ... (10 replies)
... d and the contents spilled out to the surrounding area. The good bacteria moved in to try and eat the cyst's contents and in the process, has left a mess of old blood and dead cells. In a most disgusting way, the crap in the cyst ate good tissue and now you've got an area where there's no collagen. ... (8 replies)
Jul 9, 2001
... oken them, and allowed the lymph to accumulate forming a bubble in your skin. Of course you've broken the nerves to the top surface so it no longer has feeling. Under that hurts. This layer of prickle cells is where I believe our troubles lie, and where the cysts begin. ... (37 replies)
... The pimple that I am popping is really really soft that if you push it, it will sorta indent in then come back to normal. It's red and I have another pimple right under it. With the two combine, it's one big pimple on my nose. That's why I want to pop one of it, and I have had this for over 2 weeks. ... (8 replies)
... May, I got two pimples on my nose. The kind that start under the skin, get really red, and tender to the touch. I've gotten these a million times before, and they're never that much of a problem. ... (7 replies)
... already suffer high cholesterol and blood lipids. ... (2 replies)
... checked despite your age. In fact, there have been a large number of children with high blood lipids which cause the heart disease much later in life. ... (2 replies)
... okay i post here often a year ago..until now my acne is pretty much under control with ard 5 zits on my face now...but the thing i cant stand is the redmarks...i know times will fade those marks aways...but a year!? ... (3 replies)
Jun 13, 2003
... and his blood pressure won't calm down and he is on 2 blood pressure medications and these are the last 2 he can try because he has tried them all. ... (20 replies)
... There is no visible head, but there seems to be a number of little bumps that could turn into heads. It's not under the skin, but sticking out way far. It doesn't hurt unless I press on it. ... (3 replies)
... It just looks like a lot of blood right under the skin making it inflamed. ... (2 replies)
... A few days ago i had a pimple growing under the skin of my cheek. over the course of a day or two it grew then subsided, grew then subsided. Yesterday morning it seemed as though it was completely gone. ... (2 replies)
... this is what I get too.. i never get the small pimples.. once I had a pimple under the skin, started off "normal", but it was there for months and never broke open, but I could feel that it was a hard bump but the skin on top had gone back to normal, but slightly pink at the bump. finally I got so sick of it, I wanted it gone - just the fact that it was a bump on my cheek... (4 replies)
... so much of a habit, you don't realize your doing it. I bet you've even got good at popping pimples. Man i was the best, i could get all the gunk out, without any blood or pressure. ... (18 replies)
... ware of fruit. I think vegetables are much better for you as they dont have as much sugar. Fruits, although they are natural, they have sugar which can send your blood sugar levels up. ... (5 replies)

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