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... I am a 31 year old female. Since I was about 18, I have been getting boils on my chin. ... (14 replies)
... Hi im a 30 yr old male. Took accutane when i was a teen, cured my cystic acne on my NOSE and CHEEKS. But it didnt cure my chin acne. ... (0 replies)
... I have the exact same problem-symptoms as you described and mainly on my chin. Stress and bad eating habits also seem to make it worse. Found out that much is hormone related. Oily skin from androgens hormone mix with bacteria(staph is on our skin) entered through the pores of our hair follicles and an infection develops. The result - boils! Then, the long process of... (14 replies)

... It's ONLY ever my chin that gets these bumps. ... (14 replies)
... I have used a few things that seem to work. Tumeric, a common spice use in cooking. Make a paste and apply. Also a teaspoon in water and drink. Google it under home/natural remedies for treating boils. Also, I've been using old fashioned lye soap, no perfumes or anything and my skin has never looked better. I actually bought it at Ace Hardware, has a scrubbing board picture on... (14 replies)
... Another option is using Hibiclens instead of soap or a facial clenser. Wet the skin, apply hibiclens, and lather it up for 30 seconds. This kills the bacteria that cause boils. (14 replies)
... If these are true boils, wash your face with an antibacterial soap (Safeguard) for 60 seconds twice a day. Apply 5% Benzoyl Peroxide (Oxy 5) at bedtime Apply an antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) inside the nostrils twice a day for a week. (14 replies)
... hey, i think i'm getting those too.. well i'm 26 and never had a bad problem with acne until i started wearing a bullet proof vest for work.. it was during the summer so i would sweat in my vest and keep wearing it all day.. so my back got all zitty and now its turned into these red sores. they scab but they dont heal.. my derm gave me a bacteria/steroid solution that... (14 replies)
... Be willing to bet what you are getting are sebaceous cysts. They start out looking pretty harmless and then turn into hard boils that really hurt! I get them behind my ears all the time and I've had them on my face. ... (14 replies)
Cysts and boils
Feb 25, 2001
... what can I do about cysts and boils..I get them mostly on my chin..they get all red and swollen take severral weeks to go away and even then they are still hard under the skin when I feel them..any ideas here? (2 replies)
... What is being described here is Subcutaneous Cysts- and they can be injected in a dermatolgoists office with cortisone, which will cause them to go away within 24 hours. You have to find a derm who is willing to do it. I am in my 40s and get them as well, usually around my mouth and chin....overly active oil glands, under the skin, clog and cause these to happen. Stress and... (14 replies)
... Can you describe what it looks like? Start to finish. I get these wicked pimples/cysts or whatever only on my chin. That look like they are deep infections or somthing. (14 replies)
... It sucks....and it will go away eventually. Keep your chin up. ... (17 replies)
... i know its for hormonal acne and the only hormone issue i had was low estrogen. idk if that would casue any of this. and i know hormonal is on the chin and jawline. thats where a lot of my acne is but i also have cysts on my forehead but im not sure if thats from stress or not. ... (1 replies)
Back acne
Jun 16, 2005
... I use to have bad acne to the chin area of my face when I was your age, it looked bad! ... (5 replies)
... I have huge, HUGE pimples on my chin and near my mouth and jawline. And when I say huge, I mean huge. They don't even resemble pimples, they look more like boils. ... (7 replies)
... ps developing in this area. What's odd is that this is an area I DID NOT use the facial cleanser on. I'm not sure what this area is called but it's basically the chin or the neck area below the chin. ... (2 replies)
... You can try the garlic pearls. I learnt about using garlic for boils or cysts from an excellent medical encyclopedia that I have. ... (8 replies)
... The boils you talk about are cystic acne...acne so deep that you can NOT squeeze it out. ... (2 replies)
... Hi All, In case anyone is still reading these older posts, Turmeric (curcumin) in capsule form, is great. Works like an antibiotic practically for skin related problems. I had a persistent sebaceous cyst which has disappeared. First came to head, then drained. Took turmeric 3 times a day (about 900mg three times per day--like an antibiotic schedule). Don't mess with the... (14 replies)

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