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... hey i was in the car with this friend of mine and i was like, "i hate my acne scars..i wish it would go away".. and then my friend she told me that brad pitt had problems with acne and acne scars when he was growing up... i knew he always had problems with acne.. ... (8 replies)
Acne and Dating
Dec 22, 2002
... oy look could be a turn off. Well this raises my spirits a little bit..cause I kind have that rugged look, I have had a couple people tell me I somewhat resemble brad pitt... ... (12 replies)
... ymore vain than making comments on how good people look, or choosing mates or friends based on, or having anything to do with their attractiveness. If people say Brad Pitt looks good.. ... (23 replies)

... that makes me feel good because im only a few years older than brad pitt.i dont have the body brad pitt has....mines more like britney i think im just as good looking in the face.i still have these crappy lite scars. ... (23 replies)
... I saw that show and was terrified, first off they needed to worry about their ACNE first before trying to be Brad Pitt. Second off they got plastic surgery for all the wrong reasons, and third you should never want to look like someone else. ... (23 replies)
... Did anyone see the one with the boys who want to look like Brad Pitt? ... (23 replies)
... e is today. I went to the ocean today with a group of friends from school. However, yesterday, I almost didn't go because I was so depressed on how horrible my acne was. It's on my forehead, cheeks, and some on my chin. Mix that with sunscreen and me sweating from the heat of the sun, and the results aren't pretty. Gross. ... (20 replies)
Stars With Acne
Jul 7, 2004
... Hi all! How annoying acne is! One day your face looks great. The next day, somehow several pimples have snuck up on you. GRRRRR! It all just seems like a neverending battle... ... (0 replies)
Acne and Dating
Dec 22, 2002
... I'm not sure but I think Brad Pitt used to have acne because he has the scars on his face. ... (12 replies)
... No one's face is flawless. I was watching Moulin Rogue last night, and in a few scenes even Nicole Kidman's face looked awful. Ewan McGregor also has scarring. ... (8 replies)
... And yes if you take a closer look, youd notice that almost everyone has at least one zit on their face! Acne has become an issue for everyone so i hope soon there will be a treatment ideal for everyone! ... (20 replies)
... hey jamie i posted before what the heck did rocker bryan adams do one of his first videos he had terrible acne scarring on his face and now? ... (8 replies)
... i dont know if i am allowed to post links but if so, i have a link to a picture where you can clearly see scars on brads face the picture is huge size so you see every pore let me know whether im allowed to post a link or not (20 replies)
... er than guys because of makeup. if guys wore makeup it would b noticeable, but in today's society, its nothing for a girl to hide anything and everything on her face with makeup. ... (20 replies)
... He has scars all over his cheeks and yet he is loved by every woman on earth! We must believe that this is just something temporary and with enough strength and courage we will be able to beat it! We are stronger! It just takes time and we need to stop pitying ourselves and start doing something about it! So everyone look in the mirror and repeat this: I am... (20 replies)
Jun 1, 2003
... I was reading about this the other day. Some men prefer to have some SCARS on their face, as wierd as it sounds. It sorta a fashion statement as well as an ''ive been there done that'' statement. It is bold, manly, and shows that you have battles tough times. I have a couple minor scars left over from 8 injections a couple months ago. (5 replies)
Jun 1, 2002
... yes..brad pitt had major acne. he stated so in an interview i read a long time ago. that's why he has all those indented scars on his face. the thing that pisses me off is.. ... (5 replies)
... leading roles that have very promimnent acne scarring..... ... (16 replies)
... Always wash your face before going to bed, sleeping with makeup on is not good for your skin. Make sure to wear sunscreen during the day! ... (3 replies)
... yep your all right alicia keys, nelly , camron, britney, brad pitt etc...all had ance its great how they cover it with all that make up. ... (14 replies)

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