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... this seems to be the spot where i always break out.. the upper chin area below my mouth.. if i look close i can see all the pores are white and i can scrape them out with my finger nail.. does anyone know what the deal with this is? i think it MAY be from taking b5 before.. i noticed my pores started to emit white stuff.. but they are not pimples.. just pores filled with a... (11 replies)
... e in distress and even sorrier to have to tell you this, but after 2 rounds with Accutane, the month after I came off it both times, I developed cystic acne and breakouts which basically ruined my self esteem. ... (1 replies)
... t appear on my lips just a few millimeters to the sides of the cracks of my mouth. they seem to come in a line as soon as one starts to heal another pops up just under or over it or sometimes I'll get like three in a line at once.They're not like really huge pimples or cysts just little white heads usually. ... (7 replies)

Mar 4, 2006
... t want anymore because I have had so many dam breakouts there. ... (3 replies)
Feb 15, 2006
... One above mouth and one kind of on the cheek. ... (3 replies)
... I was on it for about two weeks and I started to break out in pustulates all over my face. To be more descriptive it was like a deep infection under my skin which I could feel throbbing like something under extreme pressure. I had nasty pustular whiteheads all around my nose, my mouth, my chin, everywhere. ... (3 replies)
... in that order. The medicine kept the acne at bay, but I've been off medication for the past two months and BAM, the breakouts came with a vengeance. ... (2 replies)
... mouth area i get the usual white head breakouts almost daily, and the occasional cystic one on my chin. ... (1 replies)
... ryone, i am a newbie laporte....i am 47yrs old who always had pimple here and there since my teenage years but the last year or pimples turn into nodules under my skin and appearing on my forehead, my chin and around my mouth. These breakouts would leave me with scars and it will take months for it to go away. ... (0 replies)
Laur and dshel.
Jun 15, 2003
... Too soon to tell whats brewing under there. D said later in the day hers gets oily, but I have no oil in my skin really. Its dry from the tane, and possibly still from the tazorac? ... (30 replies)
... non cystic. I get these breakouts sometimes around my mouth and under nose area that dont come to head that easily and remain hard and red for a long time if you put BP on them........ ... (1 replies)
... I am on accutane, 3 x a week and spiro 100mg a day, so my skin is dry and around my mouth it is white and flaky, .... ... (11 replies)
Nov 10, 2004
... The one on my temple and under my eye healed relatively quickly once I started accutane. I was terrified of the initial breakout and just assumed that I would go through that. ... (7 replies)
... I also get a few occasional white bumps under my lip. I have one now, I can see it when I stretch the skin under my mouth. Nothing I put on these makes them go away, and the few times I messed with them, they end up swelling up and getting nasty. ... (11 replies)
... Hey There WillowB, You are so welcome. I wish you all the luck in the world. Regarding the 3rd time I took the accutane. I was 38 and under a lot of stress from work- A LOT! Having to meet many impossible deadlines, not eating property, not drinking near enough water, and definitely not sleeping much at all. Anyway, I don't know for sure if this contributed to my breakouts,... (14 replies)
... t happen to me, the breakouts were normal to me. ... (1 replies)
... this man speakas da truf. i'm on hibiclens now too. it has worked wonders. i don't want to jinx it. i've been on it about 3 weeks. i have had zero breakouts since. i'm 27 and have had acne and tried EVERY product under the sun since i was 14. ... (54 replies)
... i had an upper respiratory infection/bronchitis about 3 weeks ago and my face looked awful it was dry and red and pimply... i was throwing up for 2 weeks straight, sore throat, i had a bloody nose, omg i never felt so sick, i also have fibromyalgia, depression ,anxiety and i have hydronephrosis(kidney swelling) im pretty much sick all the time so my face looks bad and... (5 replies)
... I haven't posted here in a while, as my acne had been pretty much under control. ... (5 replies)
... Now this is not to say my skin is perfect. I still get a couple painful zits at that time of the month. Not cysts, but red, irritated zits around my mouth or jaw. ... (5 replies)

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