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... Fixing those little white bumps starts with a small dose of education and ends with a big dose of prevention. ... (6 replies)
... Call me crazy, call me what you will, but I seriously think that the government injected today's acne sufferer's with some acne inducing serum when they were born. Yes, that's right, I am crazy. I am a crazy conspiracy theorist! ... (3 replies)
... I've dated a lot in my life, but in the last years, I find I am more embarrassed by acne than ever before. At my age it just isn't socially acceptable to have this stuff and I would rather hide. How do you handle dating? ... (14 replies)

... years.if i do get a red spot il put a bit of powder on it. i swear the head and shoulders works cause i no longer get the spots on my back either.even my shaving bumps by my bikinia area r better. ... (7 replies)
... years, mainly due to poor washing. In January, I finally went to a doctor about the problem, who diagnosed the issue as cystic acne and recommended Accutane and a trip to the dermatologist office. For the time being, the doctor put me on doxycycline. ... (1 replies)
Milia nightmare
Aug 10, 2005
... Fixing those little white bumps starts with a small dose of education and ends with a big dose of prevention. ... (6 replies)
... do have dandruff AND acne, definately look into this! The pityrosporum, which is the yeast, causes the bumpy rash, and then most of the time, you'll have regular acne mixed in with it.. it can easily turn into a big ol' mess. ... (4 replies)
... Fixing those little white bumps starts with a small dose of education and ends with a big dose of prevention. ... (14 replies)
... Will anyone possibly please help me. I have severe acne off and on and above mild acne mainly all the time. I have these weird bumps that are kind of white and black or a mix or just single colored. They are literally bumps, not like reguler zits that are easy to get rid of. ... (0 replies)
... e life, in regards to my job, family, friends, etc. I find I get more stressed out over my face then anything else in life. I have 6 or 7 of those red circular bumps scattered about my face, a couple of white heads, and a whole bunch of red marks from past acne. ... (9 replies)
Personal Acne ???
May 29, 2002
... I've been reading posts here for a long time now and everyone seems to have a lot of good experience reguarding acne etc. ... (10 replies)
... Frankly, I would've seriously considered signing the dotted line and paying the big bucks because years of frustration with the treatment of my acne was taking its toll. I don't know why, after 30 years of dealing with this aggravating disease, I should suddenly be becoming impatient, but I was. ... (4 replies)
Clogged Pores?
Apr 6, 2002
... t ready to come off just makes them turn into regular inflamed zits. Eventually they just fall out and yes, they can cause breakouts if your skin is aggravated by the wrong products, stress, hormones, picking, etc. Any number of things can turn these stubborn little things into huge nasty pimples overnight. ... (30 replies)
... nine month. That was the first drug that had a noticeable effect...I'd say my skin with my first dermatologist's regimen was about as bad as it is now...moderate acne with some mild cystic characteristics. ... (1 replies)
... I'll try to make this short. I had mild acne about a year ago. ... (9 replies)
... about 7 years ago. I tried to deal with it in all of the usual ways, specialized acne facial cleansers, toners, and over the counter topical treatments. ... (25 replies)
... The subject of Masturbation.... alot of people do it! Now knowing that... Hormonal acne is caused by over active HORMONES!!So I'm not going to lie.... I masturbate alot and so I have stopped for 4 weeks and no new bumps has appeared.... Honestly... ... (10 replies)
My acne story
Feb 26, 2015
... As you can probably tell by the title this is my acne story I'm writing this to help others and myself battle the horrible fight of acne. ... (1 replies)
... i have maby not acne but little red bumps that appear about where you would get a fade thats the type of hair cut i get. ... (0 replies)
... I do it. If I saves it hurts. If I don't it still hurts. I finally got up the courage to go to a women's clinic to make sure I didn't have any STDs or anything. By then it wasn't as bad as right now. My doctor tells me that I it is just pimples and ask if I shave my pubic hairs. ... (11 replies)

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