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... especially considering all of the money I have spent and still continue to spend on my complexion! ... (30 replies)
... I used to have these lovely things all over my forehead and cheeks. ... (4 replies)
... I'm only at the end of month 2 of my treatment, but I'll tell you what's happened to me so far. ... (32 replies)

Elidel cream
Jul 5, 2003
... the azelex and tazorac. Mine is still irritated and I haven't used tazorac in about a month and I haven't used azelex in two weeks. I still have that dry patch on my left cheek with a few bumps under the skin. I have these tiny ones emerging today. ... (3 replies)
Hi M :)
Jun 23, 2003
... sorry to hear what a bad day you're having. I know how you feel and have also done my share of crying. Of course it doesn't help, but sometimes I just can't help myself. I'm sure you are going through the initial breakout from the azelex. ... (9 replies)
... Yes, I had a staph infection on my face. My doctor suspected overgrowth of resistant staph due to prolonged minocycline use. Since stopping the minocycline, I've not had a recurrence. ... (1 replies)
... She should at least wear a glove. Maybe its so she can feel for any under the skin bumps? ... (11 replies)
... for a full peel. I don't know about u but i have spent tons of money on silly products and make up and this just seems like its a real investment...especially cuz its been working. ... (30 replies)
... It could be milia which need to be removed by your dermatologist or it could be papules which will eventually go away on their own. Keep using the medication, they will slowly go away. ... (4 replies)
... and now there cracking in the corners. Also, how long did it take for the red marks, and overall texture of your skin to improve? ... (27 replies)
... ighschool I suffered from only facial acne but was able to maintain control of it by cleansing often. It started to go away around 19 and now at age 22 I have no face acne at all. ... (1 replies)
... My friend uses Bare Minerals by Bare Essentials and she swares by it!!! She doesnt leave the house with out it! I know you can get it on line as well at the as seen on tv website. ... (30 replies)
... I know what acne is and I know when I get it ... but after I shave my face, I get these little white bumps only on my chin and my upper lip area right on the hair folicle ... I can still see little hair under my skin ... the next morning there is a whitehead there ... is this an ingrown hair ? ... (0 replies)
... rainy scrub, mint julep, works but i think it causes more oil, how can that be reduced...those blotting papers or something else that wont break me out i can put on my face after the shower? ... (15 replies)
... Glycolic peel to the left side of my face on wednesday, In an attempt to rid me of the red scarring left from breakouts. ... (15 replies)
... Makes my face feel suprisingly good though! ... (15 replies)
... month accutane treatment about 3 months ago at 80mgs.. I weigh 160. So anyways I started to notice my skin is starting to get oily not excessive at all. I also noticed tiny, like pin prick, whiteheads on my forehead. If rub my face they come off. ... (3 replies)
... have off the mustache area. I now have about 20 or so of those pimple babys right now ready to come out and attack me. I hate them, little white pimple babys are my bane! ... (10 replies)
... benzoyl peroxide on my cheeks. My cheeks got SUPER dry and irritated so I eventually stop putting on the BP and the red bumps went away. I also stopped using the cleansers because they were drying out my skin. ... (10 replies)
Nov 10, 2004
... Hey CuriousP.... I think we have similar skin situations... ... (6 replies)

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