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... Hi NewYorker! I know of a family member that gets rashes in the belly or groin area and they swear by HIBALCLENS!! It's an anti-microbial cleaner that helps with staph infections and after about a 10-day trial, you just might be as good as new! This was doctor recommended. The family member tried Dial Antibacterial Cleaner and after a while made the area too dried out. I... (13 replies)
... Please Help me... I had this butt acne problem for about 3 years now...its hard being intimate with this problem. I tried baby powder, some said that wasnt smart because the skin doesnt breathe, i must admit it helped but only for about 2 months. They just dont go away.. ... (13 replies)
Butt Acne --HeLP
Oct 10, 2005
... try using a loofah. that will help exfoliate everything. You can also use baby powder. Just get a big makeup brush and powder away. That should help some! That's what I have to do to my husband. It usually helps him. ... (1 replies)

... ntly got a good routine going and the skin is almost totally clear now! I use a loofah in the shower with some body wash and scrub really well. The skin on the butt is a lot tougher than on the face so you can be a little rougher with it. ... (5 replies)
... Hmm it's hard to say how best to cover acne for a guy. ... (7 replies)
... just like you would with aftershave type thing. In the middle of day I splash it on again, and just before bed I splash it onto, so I am only washing once a day butt splashing on the apple cider vinegar 3 times. I was thinking of trying a face wash instead of baby soap, have to see how it goes............. ... (7 replies)
Acne and Dating
Dec 22, 2002
... I have absolutely no problem with a little acne on guys. I never have. I actually don't like the baby's butt smooth skin...I guess I like the type of guy with a little stubble and some roughness to him. ... (12 replies)
Acne and Dating
Dec 20, 2002
... I wonder if I'm the only girl who actually likes acne on a guy. I don't know why...I think it makes them more attractive more so then completely flawless baby butt skin. ... (12 replies)
... hahah u're so funny...i stopped B5 for a lont time and i didnt' see any breakout. maybe ya cleanser or maybe ya acne creams. I am using Purpose bar soap and Pearl Cream. I stopped Mederma because my skin really smooth... ... (3 replies)
... like pimples on her butt that are very painful. ... (1 replies)
... Try Olay Total effects with sunscreen. I have used alot of moisturizers that have made me breakout in the past. I read about this one on the beauty cosmetics board, and I tried it and I Love it. It is not too greasy, and makes your face as smooth as a baby's butt. (10 replies)
... Listen Chevyfan, I hate to be the bringer of bad news... but most likely, your only resort is Accutane. Sure, "home remedies" work for some, antibiotics work for some, but accutane will be the best chance you have. It's normal to be skeptical about taking medicine, especially something as powerful as accutane, but you've only tried it one day. You are miserable because of... (41 replies)
... On a thread about someone's success with Neosporin helping with filling in a type of acne scar, some clarification of what Neosporin IS might shed some light on why it can help. ... (12 replies)
... acne thing might be true. I actually heard somewhere, that acne might be a side effect for people with constipation problems. I've been seriously constipated for about two years and got baaaaaaaaad acne for one year. ... (31 replies)
... Okay, well I went to the doctors the other day (not dermatologist--doctor) and while I was there getting my check-up, I mentioned my problem with acne. My doctor immediately perked up and began gushing about the Rhonda Allison product line. :bouncing: She said she swears by it since it completely cleared her up. She said her face was "complete crap" until she started using... (9 replies)
... I'm sure some of you acne sufferers can relate to the dim lighting thing! ... (6 replies)
Miracle Whip
Sep 4, 2001
... hey all. thought i'd post this, its from a different site...not sure about it, whatcha think? <<MIRACLE WHIP Exfoliating Facial, & MILK of MAGNESIA make an amazing combo for normalizing over-oily skin. Since the last week of June, Iíve been using the best skin exfoliating/conditioning treatment Iíve ever found: MIRACLE WHIP! Yes, salad dressing. Here's what you do: Clip... (15 replies)
... ast 4,000 degrees. When you massage this into your skin something very strange happens...the crystals fill up with dead skin and they go from a sandpaper feel to baby butt soft. It's been a miracle for me and my friend. Our post acne marks are going away because this stuff literally sands them off little by little. ... (14 replies)
... You could ask for Spectra, it's an oral medication that has helped lots of people. Personally, I think Accutane is a miracle for skin, I loved being on it, I loved how it made my skin look afterward! Smooth and soft as a baby's butt! No breakouts for an entire year! I'd go back on it in a fact, I am probably going to be put on my second course of it (for my... (9 replies)
... bimbot, i had a nurse tell me that the receptionist had worse acne than mine (perish the thought, mine was BAD when she was telling me this), all over her face, chest and back. after her course of accutane her skin sloughed completely off leaving her with baby-butt smoothness all over. where did you hear that it spoils the quality of your skin? my experience, and i'm not... (216 replies)

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