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... I used to megadose B5 to control my acne and oily skin. ... (11 replies)
... nodules and that's why some of us have to do more than just folowing a "basic healthy diet" because a healthy diet may still contain foods or chemicals that can further inflame our skin, thus produce acne. ... (10 replies)
... Not to mention I'm also on Avandia and Spirinolactone. However like I said earlier I'd also like to alter my diet because while these supplements may help it would be cheaper, healthier, and perhaps safer in the long run to take less of these, especially the prescriptions. ... (23 replies)

... m here for those of you that have found that you only breakout after sex or that it gets worse after sex, may be that you are deficient in something. Of course, acne sufferers are always deficient in at least one enzyme, nutrient, etc, right? ... (25 replies)
... Preliminary studies by the author suggest that, together with pantothenic acid, biotin as well as nicotinamide help to further improve the therapeutic results. ... (11 replies)
... yea acne is rediculous like that, the only way we can find a cure is to guinea pig ourselves.... ... (98 replies)
... if you take this you'll also need to take 1mg of biotin for every gram of b5, because biotin helps the metabolism of this. also take a b50 complex once daily, because b5 will cause difficiency in other b vitamins. ... (11 replies)
... I started getting small red bumps on face and neck that became acne like about 8 weeks ago. I figured it was stress and it would go away. Unfortunately Im still dealing with this. ... (0 replies)
... i feel bad you are going thorough this, doctors can be so insensitive. ... (5 replies)
... B5 by the way does not have lasting effects. Your body can not store it up, and anything your body doesn't use is expelled. ... (4 replies)
Acne Miracle?
Jul 1, 2004
... I am currently trying to decide which brand of B5 to purchase. I have read that Solgar is the best brand while GNC is the worst. Has anyone tried the Acne Miracle? ... (22 replies)
... i am a guy, Have you tried the "combo" of B5, Biotin, and B-Complex? I can't remember where I read it (either here or another website) that the combination of these 3 is an effective way to treat acne-not just one of those alone. So, evidently you should take all 3 together to get results. Don't know how true that is though. I am taking the Biotin and B-Complex... (98 replies)
... Hello. I am a 20 year old male and have had acne since I was 12 or 13. ... (4 replies)
... So i have been doing alot of research on these boards and have decided to try the vitamin approach as i am so sick of putting harsh chemicals on my face. My acne is not too bad...mild at times...and moderate at times...but like everyone i will not be satisfied until i have perfectly clear skin. ... (2 replies)
... i have a new zit on each of my cheeks and another new one on my jawline. other than that i have a few whiteheads on my forehead which i never really get and the acne on my jawline from over a week ago hasnt compeletly gone away. ... (98 replies)
... OK, so I just finished my Vitamin C Flush. My goal for doing this flush was to produce something that resembled an enema (which I did) and to give my body as much Vitamin C as I could tolerate seeing as how people with inflammatory diseases or chronically stressed are probably deficient. Below are my results and protocol for gentle daily detoxifcation . A) I followed the... (429 replies)
... I looked up vitamins for the skin, and zinc was said to possibly help acne, because it aids the normal functioning of oil glands in the skin. Here is some more information on that, and some vegetable sources for your diet. ... (2 replies)
... i tried the murad thing for a while and had the about the same results has you, helped a little, but didnt really do what i wanted it to. I would try B5 with B-complex and biotin. I have been using it for about 3 months now and WOW, it has almost completly cleared me. My face gets maybe 1 or 2 new ones a week at most, my chest is clearing and my back gets large ones only when... (98 replies)
Mar 7, 2004
... of people who give it a real chance. For some people acne is more than over active oil glands. However for the rest of us B5 will work. It will control the amount of oil your body produces. ... (16 replies)
... er acne sufferers that "complain" because all they have left are red marks, hyperpigmentation, or scarring, but these people fail to remember that getting rid of acne IS only half the battle. ... (38 replies)

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