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... thanks for the info. my doctor told me it would help the little acne i have cause it never goes away with all the stuff they gave me so they put me on this. i wasnt fully sure what to do. but i almost went drinking with a friend. why is it that u cant drink? ... (5 replies)
... i was on accutane for a while. good luck, it might be a long road ahead of you! ... (5 replies)
... en the time to learn about the drug or to take care of themselves as advised by a doctor. Personal responsibility is key. I see post all over this board, kids on accutane that don't have clue one about the possible side effects and their parents don't bother to listen either and then are mad when something happens to their child. ... (16 replies)

... I've never heard of not smoking but the reason you can't drink is because the Accutane is processed through the liver, and takes a heavy toll on it. ... (5 replies)
... oh snap i didnt know that. thanks for telling me and all of ur advice. u helped out alot! ... (5 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Mar 31, 2009
... I have a Derm Appt. on thursday. I will be checking my cholesterol, triglycerides and liver enzymes. I expect if he remembers I will get my current 20mg dosage lowered. We shall see....... I will continue with this low dosage ideal until I reach some sort of an outcome. ... (250 replies)
... On march 7, I will finish my second month of accutane treatment. It is great! ... (18 replies)
... every morning and it seems to be doing nice things for my skin, even when i break down and eat some dark, creamy, delicious dove chocolate in the afternoon. ... (14 replies)
... I really don't think you should be taking drugs while on Accutane. You shouldn't be taking drugs at all. ... (15 replies)
... when I went to college, I drank, but it was never imperative. i could drink, or I didn't have to drink. it didnt matter. i think im just kind of surprised, because for me i would give up nearly anything for clear skin. and i have. ... (31 replies)
... the reason i originally asked is because some posters said they've drank while on accutane with no side effects. some posters' doctor's never mentioned drinking as hazardous. ... (31 replies)
... If youre on or at all considering accutane, please read this. I posted this a few months ago but it didnt get a ton of response so i wanted to post again to make sure all these new posters on the subject see how horrible my experience was. ... (6 replies)
... Ive mentioned this before on these boards, but never got a reply, so I thought id post once in a new topic. ... (1 replies)
... i go to college. nearly everyone at my college drinks about 3 times a week. it's what you do at college. i plan on taking accutane over drinking, but if i could have both that would definitely be better. obviously drinking isn't healthy, but it's fun. ... (31 replies)
... I'm kind of surprised at you. I felt so grateful to be given Accutane. Not everyone can get it, you know. Maybe you shouldn't go on it. ... (31 replies)
... I still drink alcohol while on accutane but I never overdo it. I limit myself to no more than 3 drinks. ... (5 replies)
... I'm not sure I can remember all your questions, but I'll try to answer some. First, you can't take vitamin supplements while on accutane. Accutane is a dirrivitive of vitamin A, so it will overdose you. My derm told me I could only take a calcium supp. As for dryness, drinking water won't help. ... (46 replies)
Accutane questions
Jun 17, 2005
... hey whats up guys, well i was put on 30mg of accutane a day, after 1 month i was put on 55mg, its now week 6 and im noticing how dry my lips are, and sore... i swear.. ... (6 replies)
Accutane Journal
Mar 6, 2005
... my dermatologist told me that drinking alcohol has no affect while on accutane. She said that the only time you cannot drink is the night before blood tests. Something about alcohol increases triglycerides and that will show up in the results. ... (672 replies)
... I can relate. I have felt limited from doing what I wanted to with my acne problem. It isn't fair. ... (31 replies)

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