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... ries for you to read about every question you have asked and there is a great book called the hormonally vulnerable woman. You have classic symptoms of that. The Spiro is also given along with Accutane so the dosage doesn't have to be so high. ... (1 replies)
... I heard it can be anywhere from 200mg to 1000mg. I've been taking 1080mg a day PLUS spiro, but I've heard that adding it to spiro won't help any. But I keep doing it anyway and I haven't noticed anything bad from doing that. ... (30 replies)
... men should NOT take spiro!! ... (133 replies)

... Who told you that guys can't take spiro? ... (5 replies)
... High Testosterone levels in women will override the effects of estrogen and high estrogen levels in men will override the effects of testosterone. ... (81 replies)
... If so, that's probably why you were blown off. Over and over I hear how men don't get treated for excess testosterone levels out of fear of chemical castration or feeling less masculine. ... (80 replies)
... Also PCOS and NCCAH can sometimes be dx as one or the other. Infact, my doctor tested me 2x for NCCAH and still checks related hormone levels regularly. ... (31 replies)
What is Spiro?
Aug 9, 2004
... Spiro is used with care in men as it can have some side effects such as low libido, breast growth, and other feminizing properties. However, the men on the board here have had good success with spiro, but all recommend exhausting all other possibilities, both prescription and otc. ... (6 replies)
... LOL, this is just way to funny. Years later I discover that the dosage for Spiro is on average is 50 mg to treat hirsuitism and/or acne. Yet I was taking 4x that amount for several years. I personally consider my acne to be severe because If i stopped treatments (I've always been on some sort of treatment topical or oral), I would have various amounts of scalp acne,... (39 replies)
... sterone aka human sex being surpressed i cant be sexually aroused even if say britney spears was a foot away from me in a sexy outfit.hey but i can still love a girl i just cant do sexual things.guys think of sex more than woman because they produce more testosterone. ... (13 replies)
... a male trying oral spiro. I think it's working. However, today I've actually got quite a sore chest! I have been reading about the side effects of this drug on men on the internet and it seems that they are relatively rare. I haven't read anywhere yet that it can cause sterility in men. ... (81 replies)
... Lately, I've been looking into omega 3s and have come across claims that among the health benefits people usually take them for such as cholestoral it also helps to balance hormones and improve mood. I think I read some of that on the nutrition board here. ... (6 replies)
... spiro or saw palmetto. I've heard several stories on this board of women who are doing both and having success. There are transexual MEN too that go on both to grow breasts, lol. ... (30 replies)
... nwanted facial hair growth in women. women have testosterone too. oddly, dht causes hair to grow on the face and stops hair from growing on the scalp. so it also can help regrow hair on the scalp. ... (10 replies)
... Usually men suffer worse with acne, but it is short lived. ... (2 replies)
... T inhibitor will be Spironolactone, Flutamide, Avodart, etc. These do not seriously castrate you, these are not permanent. As soon as you stop, your body will take all of that DHT or Testosterone that you've been continuously producing and allow it to do it's job!!! ... (81 replies)
... I have taken spiro internally for a few months. I stopped a while ago, cos I was getting tender breasts and I didn't think it was working much. ... (81 replies)
... oming from way down at the bottom of a pore, it is another type of acne. The hormonal cystic nodules are hard to stop because of the excess secretions of sebum. Spiro balances the excess testerone that is causing this sebum. ... (8 replies)
... ment I began taking around the same time. I bought it because I read various places that it is also an androgen regulator and works kind of similar to spiro. I take both, just in case one doesn't work as well as the other. ... (15 replies)
... As for it causing the same things as spiro, the studies said it did not do this, but then again it has been studied on older men for prostate cancer because that is what it main usage was, postate and uinary track health. ... (30 replies)

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