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Dec 16, 2000
... Cetaphil doesen't really get rid of acne, it is to be used as a cleanser for sensitive skin. What I do is this, I either use Cetaphil cleansing gel, or a Cetaphil soap bar. I use it every morning to clean my face, wait a few minutes then apply my morning acne medicine. ... (6 replies)
... dermatologist told me that thing is basically like a benzoperoxide wash, and that its too overdrying since i'll be using two products on my face. He gave me the Cetaphil antibacterial barsoap to use saying that it'll be soft on my skin? ... (0 replies)
... Stay away from the bar soaps even Cetaphils bar soaps are pore clogging all the waxy ingredienst used to keep the soap in the bar form cux break outs..especially sodioum tallowate...stick with liqid cleasers..Cetaphil now makes a cleasner for oily skin too... ... (15 replies)

... My derm recommends the Cetaphil for Oily Skin and I use it in the morning in the shower when I have no make up on. It is working fairly. ... (3 replies)
... I was also using Cetaphil cleanser and decided to switch back to my mary kay time wise cleanser because it doesn't contain SLS. ... (8 replies)
... i was actually wondering about this myself. the cetaphil bar soap is available in both regular and anti-bacterial and i have no idea whether they'll help my acne or whether they're as effective as liquid cetaphil (2 replies)
... Ever since i found out about all these chemicals in shampoos and body washes a year ago. I have completey stop using it. I use soap bar to wash my hair and body now. Ever since then i have less breakouts along my hair line and body, not completely gone, but less. ... (202 replies)
... I also feel that Cetaphil does not get the makeup off......thats the liquid anyway. The derm told me to use the cetaphil soap bar and that lathers nice! However, how much is the Alba wash and where do you buy it? ... (8 replies)
Jan 9, 2003
... Cetaphil actually made my acne much better because it was gentle. I switched over from Neutrogena for oily skin soap bar. ... (12 replies)
Aug 8, 2001
... I always use Cetaphil Antibacterial bar soap. It is so soft and gentle on my dry skin. The liquid is pretty good too, and the moisturizer is great. ... (5 replies)
... I used to use Neutrogena for oily skin soap bar for years. I switched over to Cetaphil Gentle CLeanser and my skin improved a lot. Also later started Vitamin b5 which helped a LOT. ... (3 replies)
... they all are crap. i'm currently using sulfacetamide, cetaphil soap bar..these work the best for me. ... (40 replies)
... Hi Paige and welcome to Accutane! I am glad our posts have been helpful to you. This board is where I turn when I need encouragment. If you have any questions, ask, tons of people will respond! it's a great thing. Today is day 27. I am doing much better. I am not getting any new big pimples. I am just getting little tiny ones and they usually go away fast. My chest is... (68 replies)
My $3 Beauty Bar
Apr 8, 2003
... If I would have told you it's Cetaphil Bar for dry and sensitive skin, you may not have read this topic, but I'm glad you did. ... (3 replies)
... I've never seen the bar, I'll have to try that Aries872. (15 replies)
... t also seemed to clear up my skin. That cleanser made my face burn in the morning because I put tazorac and differin on my face at night, so I got the neutrogena bar soap for acne prone skin to use in the morning. You should definately try the bar soap. It leaves my face so soft, but still kind of tight. ... (11 replies)
... If you want something more sudsy then use the bar soap of cetaphil. I don't use the original because it just feels weird IMO and feels like it doesn't completely rinse. ... (15 replies)
... If you want something more sudsy then use the bar soap of cetaphil. I don't use the original because it just feels weird IMO and feels like it doesn't completely rinse. ... (15 replies)
... ith my first I broke out...but within a week of having her my face cleared because I used proactive..but its expensive had to stop using it.Someone told me about cetaphil and it has really made a difference.Its not gone,but it certainly took control of the situation.Now I have a few more blemishes to take care of. ... (17 replies)
... My derm says cleanse with Cetaphil or Dove soap. I really think the Cetaphil for oily skin is irritating me, the mild cetaphil does not remove my makeup so I'm looking at this poor bar of Dove soap. I know many feel it has tallow in it and it is pore clogging along with it's emollients. ... (42 replies)

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