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... It seems like everytime I use a gentle skin cleanser it break me out. I can't seem to find a cleanser that is not harsh on my skin, and does not break me out. Basis, sensitive skin cleanser clogged my pores. Basis vitamin bar really clogged my pores, and I think this cetaphil gentle skin cleanser clogs my pores. ... (11 replies)
... I use the eucerin pore foaming cleanser Look at the back of the ingredients on the bottle there are like 8 compared to aveeno's 20 or so I tried aveeno aloe moistureser and that broke me out =( (11 replies)
... f you leave there for twently secs and then rinse it off! you have to use it awhile to get it to exfoliate the skin,and they never have the correct ph balance in cleansers anyway. ... (11 replies)

... It may simply be that the gentle cleansers you've tried are not strong enough to prevent your skin from breaking out naturally, rather than actually promoting break-outs themselves. You might want to try washing with a medicated cleanser in the evening and then using a gentle cleanser in the morning. (11 replies)
... alot of times people dont use foaming cleansers correctly either. are u lathering the cleanser in your hand before you put it on your face? ... (11 replies)
... TieferSchlummer, you may be right, but sometimes when I use these cleansers I can feel a stinging feeling in my pores, liked there getting clogged. I may try using BP at night and Cetaphil in the morning. Thanks again. ... (11 replies)
... I am now using Neutrogena gentle skin cleanser. It is like a lotion cleanser. It does not irritate at all. It actually makes my skin feel better. I am also using Neutrogena Combination skin moisturizer and Neutrogena Clear pore nighttime gel, which has salicylic acid in it. I am done with Benzoyl Peroxide. I have done my research and come to find out that Benzoyl... (11 replies)
... 1. NO Cetaphil. AVEENO Balancing Bar for Combination skin works for me. 2. A stinging sensation means skin is being irritated. Trust your own body. I hope you find something that works for you, and tell us what it is. (11 replies)
... Hey I was searching ebay for a "acne pill" and found Clearitol. I have tried all the topicals and cleansers. Cleansers break me out and the topicals just get rid of the current zits i have but then more just come... ... (1 replies)
... I purchased Cetaphil last night and it didn't break me out, however, I've read some pretty crappy stuff about it. ... (3 replies)
... Now, this product is a gem to me. It's the only moisturizer that I've ever used that doesn't break me out. It's very lightweight and it leaves your skin feeling silky. One of the best gentle moisturizers, in my opinion. ... (0 replies)
... i love cetaphil! im using the normal one with water. it really doesn't break me out. it also doesn't over dry or irritate my skin at all. this is alot gentler than medicated cleansers. overall i like cetaphil! ... (17 replies)
... i never try the neutrogena or clean and clear cleansers i always go for the non acne ones and they ALL break me out. i havent tried one that didnt yet. maybe i should buy some of the neutrogena ones of clean and clear ones specifically for acne prone skin? ... (0 replies)
... shiseido makes very gentle, light products. good for asian skin. (11 replies)
... I use Aveeno Foaming Face Wash. It is gentle on the skin, but has 0.5%SA to unclog pores. The SA in it is a low percentage and does not overdry the skin. Hope this helps. (11 replies)
... If you haven't tried them already, you might want to look into exfoliating cloths. Dove and Olay both have ones for sensitive skin, and they're great for unclogging pores without drying. (11 replies)
... yup go get Eucerin it rocks It doesn't strip your skin or have alcohol or oils also it last a LONG time and doesn't over dry your skin (11 replies)
... Ever since i found out about all these chemicals in shampoos and body washes a year ago. I have completey stop using it. I use soap bar to wash my hair and body now. ... (202 replies)
... You brought up some very good points about ingredients. For so long I had thought, too, that cleansers that any kind of oil of them would break me out. ... (202 replies)
... oz. Mychelle's Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser. Good cleanser has the ingredients on her website, didn't break me out and smells like it's name but it doesn't last long. She even sells sample sizes too. ... (9 replies)

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