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... I just hate my acne problem. I only get a clogged pore every once in a while ... haven't been able to pin down the cause... ... (3 replies)
... of tiny clogged pores all over my forehead. ... (0 replies)
... help with these little clogged pores on my hairline? ... (1 replies)

... Aspirin mask is one of my favorites. It helps with minor blackheads and clogged pores, but it won't help with pits. Same for jojoba oil which helps with small blackheads and clogged pores but not pits. ... (5 replies)
... I heard Microderbrasion(not homekind) or a chemical peel have dramatic results. The following tips kind of works but may not have as good of a result as Micro and Chemical Peel: Clinique 7 day scrub Clean out your pores frequently by steaming your face and then extract them with a pore extractor utencil(may need someone professional to do this) (4 replies)
... cheaper. It's great at getting rid of the flakes and dead skin. It's also great at clearing out your pores and removing those clogs. ... (4 replies)
Acne on Forehead
Nov 22, 2006
... eat for pimples and many people have tried it and it works for them. Oh and if you use styling products in your hair.... I notice sometimes it cause blemishes on forehead too. It could be allergic reaction to hair products and also the product gets on the forehead and clog the pores. ... (2 replies)
... LY mineral type powder makeup. It does not cover as well but better than nothing. Never sleep with makeup on or with unwashed face. Some facials can remove white clogged pores . Best of luck.p.s. Keep your hands off your face! Dont prop chin in palm etc! ... (4 replies)
... Thank you for taking the time to answr my question. I have been using Olay's microderm kit for a while now...but the pores are still clogged. It's like little bumps all over my forehead. It's despairing! ... (4 replies)
... how do i get rid of clogged pores on my forehead? ... (4 replies)
Clogged Pores?
Apr 6, 2002
... well to gentle treatment and if untreated, they can hang around for months and even years. They do go away eventually, but I've had some of the same ones on my forehead for 6 months. Ugh. ... (30 replies)
... clogged pores in various parts of my face. The worst is my chin which appears to be just covered in them. ... (4 replies)
... It won't clog your pores but your skin will become highly irritated and red. A pea size amount is all you need. ... (1 replies)
... But then the problems started. My forehead is usually fairly clear, and I started to develop whiteheads on my temples, the brow part between my eyes, and on forehead. ... (32 replies)
... Hello I'm a 24 yr old male from the UK and I have mild -moderate Acne on my back/shoulders and mild Acne pimples/blocked/clogged Pores on my forehead/temples. I was just wondering if anyone has used these products and if they could take a little time to say how they found/find them. I'm getting really frustrated that as I... (8 replies)
... Yep, I think so. My large pores are located on my forehead where I get my acne. They look like little bumps. The reason they are larger than any of the other pores on your face is because of either larger hair follicles and or clogged pores. This in turn makes your pores larger in appearance... ... (3 replies)
... is very good for clogged pores and whiteheads. ... (4 replies)
... eading in Proactiv's catalog that "acne and dandruff often go hand in hand" I decided to try a dandruff shampoo. Well, I've never had dandruff, but the oiliness, clogged pores, and occasional pimples on my hairline and scalp no longer exist. I had to experiment to get a nice shampoo, though. Some of them smell quite medicinal. ... (1 replies)
... I been getting these little clogged pores/little bumps on my forehead. After I exfoliate my skin feels smooth but in the mirror they still appear to be there. Does anyone else get these? If so, what's the best approach to getting rid of these? (1 replies)
... the same answer I have for you. I have bangs and I ALWAYS had a problem with pimples on my forehead. Sometimes the oil from my hair rubbing on my skin clogs the pores and sometimes the shampoo I am using clogs them. ... (3 replies)

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