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... clogs their pores and gives them blackheads? ... (0 replies)
... It won't clog your pores but your skin will become highly irritated and red. A pea size amount is all you need. ... (1 replies)
Clogged pores
Jul 6, 2001
... I also have the same problem.My cheeks are all bumpy with the clogged pores. ... (7 replies)

Clogged pore
Jul 19, 2012
... Hey every one I have major problem with clogged pores, i have flesh color bumps(with white stringy stuff in it) all over my cheeks, I have been exfoliating and steaming but no help. I have been on Minocycline for about a month now, It helped my cystic acne a little. Any one who been on Minocycline Dose Minocycline help clear out clogged pores/flesh colored bumps? ... (0 replies)
Cloged pores
Nov 2, 2002
... them and caused me to break out badly after I used them. I too get these dreaded clogged pores, mostly on my cheeks though. I usually just take my finger nail and press on them until the gunk comes out. ... (5 replies)
... gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil is enough. Other than that, you need to exfoliate regularly to smooth out your skin and fade the red marks. Sounds that you have clogged pores and so your face is not smooth. ... (7 replies)
... zone, cheeks too! ... (4 replies)
Clogged pores
Feb 13, 2002
... but i have pores on my nose and inner cheeks that are dark, but not blackheads. I posted a question abotu this on another board and they said i should see a facialist. ... (1 replies)
... Tiny flesh-colored/whitish bumps under the skin - alot of people get them along their hairline, cheeks, etc.. I get them alot on my forehead where it is most oily (2 replies)
... The real problem is that when I feel my cheeks I can feel dozens of small pimple under the surface. They don't really show too much but feel horrible! ... (3 replies)
I'm cursed!
Oct 26, 2004
... I have very oily skin. I have dry spots on my cheeks so I guess I have combo skin. My skin is not sensitive. What could I do to get rid of the excess oil? ... (10 replies)
... So i have cystic acne along with some whiteheads, and blackheads only on nose. My chin is covered with those flesh colored bumps, which im sure are clogged pores. Well i have been getting these "cysts" these past months sometimes that look different than my normal ones. ... (2 replies)
... I have closed, clogged pores too on my nose, cheeks and chin, but I don't have bumps like some of you have said. I squeeze and stuff comes out, but fills back up in a day. ... (15 replies)
... Combination with dry patches around the nose or chin. I get clogged pores extremely easily, I breakout monthly and I have some indent scarring from some clogged sebum pores that became infected. ... (3 replies)
... clogged pores on my cheeks. ... (127 replies)
... all the skin on my cheeks is beet red, i mean flushed and doesn't go away ever and hot feeling. ... (17 replies)
Jojoba and misery
Apr 26, 2003
... k for a different method of keeping this gay skin disorder in control. well,...i can see that its bringing all the hardened sebum out and sometimes it still gets clogged and turns into a pimple or cyst so i picked alot of the clogged pores. ... (17 replies)
... My skin since i have started to drink more fluids as in water, has been looking alot better. But i seem to have the worse whiteheads on my forhead and also have a problem with clogged/enlarged pores? This occurs mainly on the sides of my nose and on my upper cheeks. Anything i can do about the whiteheads or enlarged pores? Also, sometimes at night i dont wash some hair stuff... (2 replies)
... it in 30 minutes.... hahahah... it was pathetic.. anyway...i dunno.... i was scared back there.. but looks like i kinda dodged a bullet again.... my scars on my cheeks are definately improving.. like there's definite improvement.. ... (19 replies)
Problem w/proactiv
Aug 25, 2006
... I had moderate acne before, I went to the dermatologist and he told me I had clogged pores in my cheeks, his medications and treatments were way to expensive so I decided to use proactiv. ... (3 replies)

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