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... I am just wondering if something like coffee could be the SOLE reason for breakouts? ... (9 replies)
... Boil 20 minutes, use coffee filter and let cool to room temp. ... (11 replies)
Apr 9, 2007
... But I took a break from coffee a few weeks ago, and my skin looked pretty good. Drank some coffee last week and my skin looks crappy again. So I'm not sure if there is a link or not. Can coffee cause breakouts? ... (5 replies)

Coffee and acne
Nov 25, 2006
... I don't think coffee is bad for the skin. But like the other poster suggested, you may want to experiment. I did an experiment, I drank coffee for years and stopped for a whole difference. I never get breakouts after drinking coffee. If you like sugar in it, your best bet is to use stevia. ... (4 replies)
Sep 17, 2004
... I went to the derm yesterday, got doxy and retin-a micro. She told me that diet affects around 45% of patients. She told me to stay away from caffeine, chocolate and foods high in fat. She said these foods can aggravate acne. (5 replies)
Sep 17, 2004
... Please tell me if you've tried cutting coffee out and it had an effect on your skin, positive or negative. ... (5 replies)
... I don't think coffee is causing you any problems. I had moderate and persistant acne in my teens and twenties when I drank NO I'm clear and drink it regularly. ... (9 replies)
... Dairy is a main factor to causing breakouts..i just cut down on dairy..except maybe the odd bit of butter on toast or a lil milk in coffee.. (8 replies)
Apr 10, 2007
... I don't know whether coffee itself causes acne, but I know that it dries the hell out of my skin and makes me look worse. ... (5 replies)
Apr 9, 2007
... When it comes to food and breakouts I think it depends on the person. I know some peole who have been helped tremendously by changing their diet but unfortunately I am not one of them. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for the advice. I have some bp containing oxy cream upstairs. Can this be used as a preventative without initial breakouts? I may try some before i goto bed tonight. Patrick (9 replies)
... erate any oil of any kind. At first I started omitting just peanuts because they are full of oil but I continued consuming other nuts. They still seemed to cause breakouts for me so I stopped consuming all nuts. I do take selenium as a substitute in capsule form because it is supposed to be an essential nutrient that we all need. ... (19 replies)
L. and Dshel
Jun 20, 2003
... well, the coffee does have cinnamon in it. it is very tasty. ... (5 replies)
... ing with your blood sugar and stress levels. u also tend to drink more coffee when you are tired, so therefore coffee may become associated with breakouts that are really due to lack of proper rest. ... (14 replies)
Forehead Acne
Sep 14, 2013
... acne and what I did to clear it up. Let me start by saying in 23 years old, active, all around healthy male. In May of this year out of nowhere I started getting breakouts on my forehead, and forehead only. I have had oily skin on my face for about a year but never expected what would happen next. ... (0 replies)
... with green tea, and have noticed the nightly breakouts had stopped or had at least become managable.. ... (14 replies)
... thinking of trying Spironolactone. I know I probably need to see an endocrinologist to diagnose something like PCOS or a hormonal factor. I'm fed up with acne, but I have other conditions I'm treating (depression, anemia, general fatigue that my primary doctor can't explain....I'm taking a multivitamin and iron gel caps but even with four cups of coffee and 10 mg of Ritalin a... (1 replies)
... Hey! Just a little input, I gave up coffee 6 months ago and I couldn't believe how much better my skin looked! I was so amazed. ... (14 replies)
... hola! first two months of accutane, 40mg/day, severely chapped lips, dry eyes, intense, severe breakouts. next two months, same, less intense breakouts. last two months, 80mgs/day, severely chapped lips, esp in the corners (sometimes looks like a coldsore, so gross!), dry eyes, photosensitivity (for the first time in my life), dry, itchy skin all over, skin clearing... (6 replies)
... what type you can get away with eating that won't give you cystic breakouts or any breakouts and then hopefully you'll feel more comfortable and will be less likely to give up. ... (54 replies)

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