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... that can aggreviate or cause acne for some individuals around here, particularly in high doses. ... (2 replies)
... then who cares about a few pimples. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. And someone please explain to me why sugar would make any difference. If you say carbs I might say fine, but sugars are no different then complex carbs like bread. ... (36 replies)
... Even if you already know about diet and acne read this as I bet your "good" diet is slightly wrong. ... (40 replies)

... I've been reading many of the diet related methods of treating acne that have been discussed on this board, and i'm very impressed with the results of some members. ... (2 replies)
... o female. my acne came back with a vengeance about a year and a half after two courses of accutane. ... (49 replies)
... This is the only time of the day when you can eat complex carbs because your insuline levels run low in the morning. ... (6 replies)
... Whoa! Sweet... Thanks SweetJade1. after reading ost of your post,i realized what i studies at Biology is just kindergarden of Medical. lol... Thanks.... IWillHelpYou when wll you help us further? :D (114 replies)
... but if you pay attention to the Insulin Index vs. the Glycemic Index or Glycemic Load you will find that some complex carbs raise insulin levels more than expected. ... (114 replies)
... I take quite a few supplements which have helped, but cutting back on simple carbs was definitely the most effective thing I did and produced the most drastic improvement. I am completely clear for the first time in 30 years. ... (9 replies)
... Basically started getting mild to moderate acne at 16. Didnt see a doctor until I was 21 and was put on clyndermycin which was amazing and cleared me up for 8 months. ... (429 replies)
... carbing" the above diets are also low carbs, but they do utilize complex carbs. ... (22 replies)
... My personal experience has proven to me that it is not only simple sugars, but refined carbs as well as possibly complex carbs in excess. My test is only in the beginning stages, but here is what I've found. ... (110 replies)
... of what I put into my mouth was fresh, organic, with no simple carbs and few complex carbs and my skin cleared up. My back and chest was clear enough to wear a low back and low front dress to a special event. ... (110 replies)
... grams of fiber a day. I've been doing this for that last 3 weeks and my skin has cleared dramatically. Not to mention the weighloss which may also help acne as excess fat tends to emit hormones that impact negatively on your body. ... (100 replies)
... about your inquiry regarding potatoes and acne before the debate began... I don't think you have to worry. ... (36 replies)
... I have fought with acne since i was about 14. In the beginning I only had a few pimples on my forhead. After about a year, and the use of clearasil, my acne went to the next level, large cysts on my face and body. ... (0 replies)
... As a matter of fact, yes. All the sugar (high fructose corn syrup for that matter, which is worse than plain sugar) and no fats, protein, or fiber to slow the digestion of it, causes serious spikes in insulin levels which can cause oil glands to overproduce oil in susceptible individuals. Ideally, any meal should, in combination, be made up of 30% fat, 30% protein, and 40%... (1 replies)
... I am 33, with 4 children, still breastfeeding my almost 3 year old. I have had terrible acne for years. I got some good advice from another thread on this health board regarding acne and it has helped me. ... (9 replies)
... You just need to cut back on simple carbs. You need lots of complex carbs and/or fiber supplements. You should look at diets that use the glycemic index, not Atkins. (5 replies)
... Insulin. Therefore you may want to try eating a combination of Complex carbs WITH Protein to balance out the above. ... (9 replies)

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