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... Stojack--I follow the Cordain dietary principles, but my skin is still oily---which seems to be the biggest contributor to acne----or why would accutane work. Since you seem to thoroughly understand the Cordain method---what are your thoughts on the oiliness? (16 replies)
... far as I can tell from your posts you have never truly eliminated many of the known exacerbaters of this disease." You are correct. I have never heard of Loren Cordain or the Paleo diet until you exposed me to them here. ... (16 replies)
... Ok, so according to Cordain and what has worked for me, your diet is highly suspect as far as acne and in my opinion health as well. I know you think this is totally healthy and two years ago I would have as well. I ate very similarly. ... (16 replies)

... d we're on the same page. I truly hope you can find some relief by making some modifications to your diet. It seems like you have a very healthy attitude about acne now, not nearly as obsessive as I could be, but I know if you're here it bothers you enough to want to get rid of it. ... (16 replies)
My Acne Problem
Jan 4, 2007
... Read the post on The dietary cure for acne. Cordain's team actually ran one of their studies on young males from your great country. They had 50 males participate. ... (4 replies)
... I'm a little puzzled that diet and acne is no longer discussed on this board. For those of you who aren't convinced there's a connection, please check out this book. ... (16 replies)
... know what your diet consists of, cause I've seen much discussion on the vegetarian diet not necessarily being ideal for acne. Soy and beans can be very bad for acne due to the lectins they contain. Grains in general are also a no, no for several reasons. Cordain gets into all that in his book. ... (16 replies)
... acne link before Cordain or Perricone. If you do a google just on Sweetjade and acne in your search engine, you may find some of her old posts along with others that were successful. ... (16 replies)
... n "acne and diet" in the search bar above, make sure you select healthboards instead of web to get the posts. The two authors to look at are Loren Cordain, The Dietary Cure for Acne, can be found on the web, the other book is by Nicholas Perricone, The Clear Skin Prescrition. ... (4 replies)
Cordain Book
Jan 2, 2007
... See my posts under the threads the Dietary cure for acne by loren cordain and is anyone else lazy or given up? ... (1 replies)
Severe Adult Acne
Dec 29, 2006
... Is it expensive to follow this "diet/regimen"? I am going to try this out before I try accutane. I always thought that sugar and all that junk food stuff we normally find in our grocery stores/fast food places, but recently I tried something of an experiment out and now I know. When I eat simple sugars holy ****. I basically gouged myself with sugar this month that I was home... (15 replies)
Severe Adult Acne
Dec 19, 2006
... pain sista... I tried everything, including accutane when I was younger, but nothing helped for long or I was too afraid of the side effects. Yasmin worked for acne but my hair started falling out from the change in hormones, bactrim worked but how long can you really take anti biotics? ... (15 replies)
... I haven't read the book, but I'll second it that diet affects acne and a good diet can cure it. Even if it is hormonal as sugar and other foods stimulate the hormones. ... (16 replies)
... situation. Acne is not any different than weight loss, heart disease, any other problem that is affected greatly by diet. ... (16 replies)
... it, but it certainly doesn't make any sense that it directly causes it. I've only been a vegetarian for 3 years but I've had severe acne for 10 years. What could have been causing it when I was eating a high protein, low carb diet the other 7 years? ... (16 replies)
... I should be clear that I didn't change my lifestyle to combat acne, I simply noticed that it didn't help. I would rather look into different methods of treating acne besides eating meat. ... (16 replies)
... its strange because for me diet and acne WAS connected, carbs would make me break out like crazy.. but while taking certain things it would eliminate this carb threat.. ... (16 replies)
... Read my posts under the dietary cure for acne by Loren Cordain and are we too lazy threads. I've written a ton on proper diet. ... (1 replies)
... you name it. This has been going on for more than 25 years. Before my wedding in OCt I tripped upon another website for acne and they're where some people having great succes with good ole BP and salycilic acid. The catch is in the application. ... (8 replies)
... n Prescription by Nicholas Perricone. You don't need to buy these books if you scour these boards for all the tips myself and others have left on how to control acne with diet. You won't cure it, there is no cure. Acne is your bodies reaction to a hormonal imbalance cause by a myriad of factors. ... (7 replies)

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