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... So I keep asking my derm if applying cortisone cream on acne would speed the healing and they always say it will cause more acne as a result...If that is so, then why do they inject spots with cortisone to help them heal faster? ... (0 replies)
... so please dont force it to. They do hurt and they usually will go away eventually on their own, but there is an easy way to get rid of them, but it will take a dermatologist to inject it. ... (1 replies)
... I went to a dermatologist today and i was told my face had a good deal of acne. I have my acne or my forehead and a lot around my jawline area that are cystlike. I have a few of them and those are cystic pimples. ... (11 replies)

... I must say this is the first time i have tried using cortisone cream for acne as every book i have read in the past says that cortisone is no good for people with acne. ... (3 replies)
... scouselad I also suffered from the same dermatitis on my skin, trust me use the cream. I have used cortisone cream on my skin before and it really does seem to help, certainly doesn't make it any worse. ... (7 replies)
... is young. I'm not saying Accutane is for adults only, but as you have already discovered, it has SEVERE side affects that can be temporary and permanent. I was on Accutane 3 or 4 times. ... (10 replies)
... You can buy cortisone cream... ... (13 replies)
... I have a friend who gets very very bad systic acne and she'd have to get a shot directly into the swollen area with cortisone and than the swelling would go down... As for me and my little sister, we've both tried Hydrocortisone cream on our faces and it works so well. ... (6 replies)
... Dry skin can definately cause itchy skin. Do you put anything on your face after you wash? ... (12 replies)
... my 14 y.o son has cyctic acne, this is what I do to help him. On the cysts I put cortisone cream directly on the cyst, shrinks them overnight. I have him take vitamin A and zinc.. ... (13 replies)
... Most of the research on Retinol was done at the University of Michigan. Retinol's effectiveness is due to the fact that skin has receptors for retinoic acid. ... (0 replies)
... where do you get cortisone cream, can i use that on the cysts that I am getting on accutane? ... (13 replies)
... I tried the mystic tan, great color but after two days I broke out on my legs, arms and face. I went to the dermo and she gave me pills and a topical cortisone cream. After a month I was all better so I tried again just to be sure...Sure enough it was what aggrevated my skin. ... (11 replies)
... It started last November. I've had random acne problems throughout my life, but none of them were serious...just random small breakouts. ... (1 replies)
... so it could be coincidence on this one. I stopped using it however. ... (15 replies)
... Be very careful with hydrocortisone used on your face because the skin is thinner and cortisone can cause permanent damage to your skin on the face. ... (9 replies)
... I have controlled my acne for years with obagi and various retinoids, like retin a, differin etc, still got regular breakouts, but something strange happened recently. ... (2 replies)
... I have some cystic acne on my face. ... (1 replies)
Last Accutane Pill
Dec 19, 2004
... during the time when I mostly wear long sleeves. If I'd done this in the summertime, I would have been so bummed to show my arms. The eczema is especially bad on my upper arms, right above my elbows. My lower forarms and the backs of my hands. ... (36 replies)
... I had to use Tretonin Forte cream but my prescription was specially made in water as opposed to alcohol which makes my face worse. I also use Spectroderm soap on my face. I've had two surgeries for acne scars and also did well on Accutane also but being so young he has to be watched carefully. ... (5 replies)

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