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... I was wondering how long cystic acne and hyperpigmentation spots take to heal? ... (6 replies)
... My question is that the red marks i have had were from cyst, which can lead to permanet scaring, so do i have permanet scars or does that the fact that i have hyperpigmentation help my situation? ... (8 replies)
... dark spots can last up to a year or even more to go away but what im asking is has the actually hyperpigmentation stopped for anyone ? ... (5 replies)

... i don't know if i hav hyperpigmentation and would like to know what it is. I have a red spot on my face but i have the same kind od spot on the inside on my arm and one on my finger. ... (8 replies)
... At first i thought it was a cyst but the pain i had on it... ... (1 replies)
... s now and i have adjusted my eating habits over the years to help alleviate some of the skin problems. i think it has helped somewhat. currently, i may receive a cyst along my jawline around my cycle with other random pimples scattered about due to clogged pores. ... (11 replies)
... Some kid had deep hyperpigmentation scars. I would observe him bc it was interesting. ... (8 replies)
... Also on one cheek i have had a lot of cyst pimples appear so that area is very shallow i guess indented while some of it is still pinkish. is that considered pitted or indented? ... (8 replies)
... It really does depend on the size of the cyst and whether I play around with it or not. I think average 1 week. ... (5 replies)
... The best thing for cysts, as far as I know, are things like antibiotics, which you are already on. I don't think topical stuff does anything for cysts. They're too deep. While on antibiotics I don't think I've had a cyst last more than a couple of weeks--sometimes only days. I don't think I've had any spots last as long as two years. Sometimes a month, yes. Supposedly... (6 replies)
... 1) What, if any, topical med.'s help with your cysts? Unfortunately,once they form,nothing helps with them. 2) Can oil-free moisturizer cause or inflame cysts? (If not, what brand do you use?) I think it has no effect on my cysts.I use Neutrogena Moist SPF 15 3) How long do your cysts normally hang around (not including hyperpigmentation left over)? Approx.... (5 replies)
... 1) What, if any, topical med.'s help with your cysts? For me it's a question of what doesn't make the cysts worse. nothing i've ever put on them seems to help them. i find that cetaphil works the best in not aggrevating them. 2) Can oil-free moisturizer cause or inflame cysts? (If not, what brand do you use?) cetaphil 3) How long do your cysts normally hang around (not... (5 replies)
... I have a series of questions, in no particular order, pertaining to cysts. I want to know about your situation. And just maybe your replies will give some sense of relief (both physically and emotionally) to others. Here goes: 1) What, if any, topical med.'s help with your cysts? 2) Can oil-free moisturizer cause or inflame cysts? (If not, what brand do you use?) ... (5 replies)
... inch apart and gather up a considerable amount of skin so that you can be under the cyst. Roll your fingers to apply a squeeze starting from under the cyst until it erupts at the surface. If it doesn't erupt with lite pressure, put the tape back on for a day. ... (2 replies)
... of hyperpigmentation from cysts that occured from accutane nearly 6 months ago. The hyperpigmentation is not going away and i was hoping the azelex would help since 8 weeks on tazorac did not. ... (20 replies)
Mar 3, 2002
... >*how long do cysts usually lasts? I've had them for 30 years. I've had the big, red itchy ones that fill with horrific goo, and then I have the "silent" ones that lay under the skin, sometimes itching, but usually as knots--there's no telling what will trip one off and have it rupture. They never go away, you just hope you keep the silent ones from ever rupturing. ... (3 replies)
3rd visit to derm
Dec 22, 2004
... ad plateaued. my acne also had. initially 6 months ago it started to clear up real well and id only get a real small one here and there, but then the occassional cyst came back and now i get one or 2 of those every few weeks not allowing my hyperpigmentation to go away. ... (4 replies)
... This is the third day since i've been using proactiv, i have cyst on my chin, it's slightly pianful, inflamed. ... (20 replies)
... ur before the procedure. The procedure still hurt like rubber bands being snapped on the skin. I already had test spots done under my chin to see if I would have hyperpigmentation 2 wks before this procedure. They recommend it for asian or olive skin tones. I would do this even if I had fair skin, just in case. ... (3 replies)
... So that kid in your school was left with scars still by the end of the year? I have one red spot on my cheek its been there for about 2 years, it never got a chance to hear properly cause i kept getting more acne in that spot. (8 replies)

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