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CYST on Cheek
Jan 31, 2005
... Hi, for the last three days I've had a cyst on the left side of my cheek. Usually, I put BP and then ice whenever a cyst is beginning to form and most of the time that helps, but this time the cyst is round and hard. What is the fastest way of getting the cyst to come to a head? ... (0 replies)
... I know exactly what you're going through....I had an awful, embarassing recurring cyst on my right cheek. ... (2 replies)
I want to Die
Sep 4, 2004
... I currently don't have a job, I think that al though my cheek cyst is going away, it scared some employers away. What is your job? ... (15 replies)

... I know its inflammed, but why does it appear when my cyst or module is gone? ... (2 replies)
... I have this cyst on my cheek for almost 4 months now. It's not red or painful. It looks just like a lump on my cheek, prolly size of a dime. So last week my dermatologist gave me a cortisone shot, I notice the cyst did get smaller, but it is still pretty obvious. ... (0 replies)
Shots for Cyst?
Apr 2, 2003
... Can you get a SHOT or injection of some kind into your CYST to get rid of it? ... (11 replies)
Cyst removal
Apr 28, 2010
... You can go on YouTube and watch videos removing subaceous cysts so you kind of know what to expect. It is very informative. Good luck! ... (2 replies)
Cyst removal
Apr 5, 2010
... cyst on my face for almost 6 months. I've had it injected with cortisone 6 times. Each time the inflammation went down, only to return again within a week or two. ... (2 replies)
... I'm also late on this reply but maybe this will help someone else going through this. ... (11 replies)
... I have one extremely persistent cyst on my cheek that doesn't want to go away. ... (11 replies)
... You are definitely not alone.I'm 24 and my skin was looking great for the last 4 months but yesterday i woke up and found a brand new cyst on my cheek.I'm on spiro and differin but i think they don't work anymore.I feel so frustrated because i thought i would stay clear.I hope we all will find a way to clear skin. ... (31 replies)
... blown cyst on my right cheek. ... (5 replies)
... bloom. I didn't know that the one on my cheek was a cyst until it hadn't changed in size in over 1.5 weeks. ... (10 replies)
... I was going up to see friends and had a huge painful cyst on my cheek. So I tried squeezing, a bit would come out ... I squeeze so hard that my hands grew tired. Next day it became bigger, and in 3 days it turned into a mega cyst. ... (11 replies)
... old female. My face had been really clear recently, but now I have this thing on my cheek and need help. ... (3 replies)
Cyst help plz
Jun 21, 2004
... Can anyone who have previously had cysts tell me what a cyst feels like when its blemishing. As recently i had a spot on my cheek thats was fading away but right next to where i had the spot it feels like there is a lump under the skin. ... (0 replies)
... So I'm faced with this dilemma. I have a cyst on my cheek. I know its scared. This is basically a recurring cyst over a pitted scar area. For a few days, this cyst was hard. Then now, its turning bloody and fluidy inside. ... (3 replies)
... the junk will come out. i went to town on one on my cheek but it is not working. it's pretty gross. maybe the ones i can extract something from aren't really cysts? ... (22 replies)
... does this happen? i have had what i believe to be a cyst for like 3 weeks (on my cheek).. well recently another similar sort of thing popped up right next door, so close that it makes a long oval... anyway this one seems to be about to come to a head. is this a cyst? is it possible for it to be 'connected' to the other one? i am TOO OLD FOR THIS!!!!!!! i'm sick of... (9 replies)
... The worse case of acne was the patch of acne on my cheek I had like a total of 3 cysts in the patch. When one healed, another would spring up. ... (5 replies)

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