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... I would stay on the doxy until you have your next appointment and speak to your doctor. I have no idea if there is an interaction, but I'm sure he or she will let you know. ... (16 replies)
Differin Progress
Feb 19, 2002
... I just washed my face and showered. I noticed that my skin felt a lot better at this time but I decided to make an appointment with the dermatologist anyway for my back and my face. ... (9 replies)
Nothing Works
Jan 9, 2002
... and I don't eat much dairy. I have not seen a dermatologist in years just because they never find anything that can help, and it just costs me more money. ... (6 replies)

... Of course, it takes a super long time to get back into my dermatologist. I have an appointment a month from now. Hopefully my skin won't worsen before then. Argh. ... (12 replies)
... to see a dermatologist to have it prescribed? ... (6 replies)
... Touching or doing a self extraction on whiteheads is a bad idea. I'd leave it to the professionals. Make an appointment w/ an esthetician (preferrably one who works w/ a dermatologist) for a facial. From my experience, the whiteheads will eventually go away. And estheticians are trained to extract so that it doesn't leave a scar. I use to have an excellent esthetician,... (7 replies)
... h to talk and eat small bites. I could unlock it by pushing my jaw to the side, but it just locked up again. Reluctantly, as I am really sick of doctors, made an appointment to see a maxillofacial specialist when I went back to the U.S. ... (16 replies)
... Earlier this year, in January, I made my first appointment with a dermatologist. ... (15 replies)
Retin-A Micro
Aug 4, 2001
... Steven: I'm not sure how long I will be on Tetracycline. I began treatment on July 31st and the dermatologist made me an appointment for July 14th (which is actually pretty soon) to see if he thinks this will work out for me. Good luck (5 replies)
... With my Derm, I got in within a week of my family doc calling and getting me a appt. Now if I want to see my Derm I usually schgedule about a week ahead of time, and if there is an emergency she'll travel the 30 minutes from her home to her office to see me. i.e when I first started on Accutane I had a very weird rash that wouldnt go away but wasnt normal so she... (8 replies)
... Well my derm or whatever isnt to big so it accpet anyone, but when i get there im in the waiting room for quie awhle! ------------------ Megan* (8 replies)
... I've gone to 3 and they all take 4 months if you are a new paptient. (8 replies)
... Approx. 4 week. What is the best day to make an appt. when the office usually isn't that busy or a good time? (8 replies)
... I had to wait 5 weeks to see my derm. Cost me $160 for only five minutes. (8 replies)
... Some can be a long as a 6-week wait, others (the one I go to now) takes appointments within a week. (8 replies)
My plan of attack
Jun 26, 2001
... Hello! I'm new to posting here, but I have been lurking for a few weeks. I appreciate everyone who posts here, you've given such great advice and I love the honesty about treatments and products. Some background information about myself, I am 19 (will be 20 in July), and have had mild-moderate acne since I was 11. I suspect my acne is hormonal, but I'm not 100% sure. I... (7 replies)
... My doctor mentioned a dermatologist by the name of Dr. Jang to me. She administers artecoll and runs a clinic called Le Peaux and also has her own private practice. ... (8 replies)
... depressant while on it. I used Remeron. Every single appointment I had, the first thing she asked was, "How is your back, how is your eyesight, and have you had any mood changes. ... (26 replies)
... It's definitely NOT a rash, although that thought did cross my mind...Nope, they're definitely zits...they pop...blah! I ordered the Proactiv kit, made an appointment to see the dermatologist and I'm taking zinc and B-complex vitamins. I'm determined to get this fixed once and for all. Geez...I'm 27 and feel like 17 again!
... A because my skin is extremely, extremely sensitive to it. Help again please. I have an appointment with the dermatologist in about three weeks, he had told me it should go away on it's own, but I have never had a cyst like this before, and it is not going away. ... (8 replies)

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