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... All the time i see people "im on week 9 of differin and my face looks terrible". My acne is not very bad, just the random HUGE cysts. ... (4 replies)
... I started Desogen a few months ago, and my derm added Tetracycline to it just to help things along. Mind you, at the time, I had only been off Accutane for a few months. Well, those big ol' bumps completely went away. ... (12 replies)
... I can relate to your problem. I had mild to barely moderate acne with very tiny cysts. I did not really qualify to be an accutane patient but I asked my dermatology to put me on. The reason was I've tried almost everything they've put me on since I was in Jr. high school. ... (5 replies)

... I have tried accutane three times. I never experienced really any side effects of the drug besides dry lips and skin. Even after the third time, the disease came back. ... (5 replies)
... Tech Acne Lamp." Several months ago, I too was researching both of those products and after much deliberation, finally chose to purchase the "Verilux HappySkin Lamp. ... (188 replies)
... Yikes, ya ready for this? This is what I did…….bear with me: WEEK ONE: 1. Started taking a really good multivitamin (directions go by your weight, I take 2 a day, one in morning and one at lunch or at dinner) 2. Restarted using my differin and clyndamycin gel again – (it stopped working for me after a few years so I quit using it regularly and hadn’t used it much... (11 replies)
Any ideas???
Jun 12, 2004
... it didn't work fast enough so I quit after the first tube and started Proactive. ... (4 replies)
... tion, almost a "heat." More often than not within 48 hours, I will randomly get a very large pimple usually on my neck or cheek, from out of nowhere, no warning. After about 4 days my skin settles down, and I dare say, behaves normally. ... (1 replies)
Yaz and acne
Sep 30, 2007
... cyclen which made her skin terrible. she went on accutane after that which was a nightmare. she scarred from the experience. now, 7 years later, she is on yasmin and 50 mgs. ... (46 replies)
Jan 21, 2004
... Wednesday - My son had his first smoothie yesterday, and he loved it. I bought 10 bags of blueberries, and we are going to stick with it and see what happens. I've been reading healthboards a while, but haven't written much. I tried to use my private message to write specifically to you, and had no success. (44 replies)
Jan 20, 2004
... Could you please tell me what ingredients you put in your smoothies besides the chocolate soy and blueberries? Just additional ice? Thank you. (44 replies)
Jan 18, 2004
... up and decided to live with my acne problems when I came down with a sore throat. And before I go any further, I believe that foods and herbs are our medicines, after being on many antibiotics and treatments for numerous things that I decided that natural was better. Well this sore throat was awful!!! ... (44 replies)
... Well, after being clear for nearly 6 months, I am convinced that I have finally discovered what works for me and I thought I would pass this information along. ... (5 replies)
... I also experienced cystic acne after going on the pill. I thought it would go away and it didn't. Even a year later after going OFF the pill I was still getting them. ... (20 replies)
... of the best looking boys in school. I remember I used to go roller skating every weekend, and sometimes I would get a girl that was interested literally moments after walking into the door, wanting a phone number, wanting a couples skate, etc. I was a pimp daddy in my early days. After that, it went down hill. ... (11 replies)
... I understand. Spironolactone's effects are DOSE dependent so the more you take (at the lowest effective dose for you) the better the results. In studies 50mg is used, but most women (and men) on this board take 100mg - 200mg/day. For some 25mg is enough to clear them, for others it's 200mg, for moi...while it helped, it wasn't 200mg =( I will say that it is good for... (80 replies)
... s gotten worse over time, especially the last few months. Right now it's the worst it has ever been. I'm 22 and the acne really did not start getting bad until after graduating from highschool. The extra hair growth has been getting worse for about the same length of time, especially on my lower cheeks and chin. ... (80 replies)
... ome to a head I always just counted those as huge zits. I also, get massiv lumps some larger than a dime with the skin barely raised. These stay on for weeks. After the first two week they start turning purple then slowly with a black tinge too it. ... (8 replies)
Tazorac Questions
Aug 15, 2004
... I was on 2 cycles of accutane 10 yrs ago (never again, way too scary) retin a, differin, proativ, and now taz - first week was peeling and red, after about 10 days got totally used to it, after 6 weeks Its improved about 40 percent, and the derm says in 6 months it will be 80-90 percent . I like it and a little bit goes a long way. NO dry lips or anything! (6 replies)
... Might as well bring this old board up to the top of the pile instead of starting a new thread. (By the way, 26 yr. old female. Moderate to severe acne since age 16.) Hasn't worked: Most over the counter products Accutane (because my acne came back shortly after going off treatment) Proactive Too many others to list Has worked in the past: - Birth control pills... (104 replies)

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