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... A couple of years ago I had a breakout and my first derm gave me differin gel and cinda. It did clear me up. My face was super clear and no scars. I have pics to prove it! ... (7 replies)
... First of all, sun exposure causes scars. No If Ands or Butts about that. I have been tanning RELIGOUSLY for the past year (my roommate works at a tanning salon) and for the first time in my life I have scars on my face. Ive always had bad acne though. Now on the topic of differin - hate it. Did terrible things to my skin. Too drying, irritating... then again... there are... (7 replies)
... and i will be using it while on the trip.. i want to get a bit of sun while im there... I have been going to the tanning beds also cuz i always do before i go on a trip but i just put a towel over my face or let my face have light for about a minute. ... (4 replies)

... A couple years ago I used differin and clinda and cleared up completely. I would get a pimple around period time. But I started tanning again and was getting too dry from it and differin so I stopped using differin. ... (15 replies)
... well about a couple years ago i went to the derm and he gave me differin and it did help m skin... i used to tan everyday! ... (2 replies)
... a you need to stay out of the sun including tanning beds. The stuff makes your skin more prone to burning, sun can actually make skin worse, and even if you don't burn you'll damage you're skin more than you would normally. A lot of times docs. prescribe an antibiotic along with the Differin. ... (4 replies)
Differin .1%...
Apr 17, 2004
... I've been using differin for about 10 months now and my face is finally used to it. Be careful with the sun or tanning too! The burning, itching and peeling seems like it will never go away, but it will. ... (9 replies)
Tanning Beds
Feb 16, 2006
... I am on differin cream right now and i heard it makes your skin really sensitive but i am going to costa rica in 50 days for 2 and a half weeks! ... (0 replies)
... I tanned on mino, also, and did not have any problems. ... (7 replies)
... Hello everyone. Has anyone had any experience with going tanning and using Differin Cream and Benzymycin? ... (3 replies)
... im on the same treatment. i have a 100mg minocycline that i take once a day and use differen gel at night. just wanted to know how the tanning is working out because im deffinetly looking into it for prom. ... (7 replies)
... Anyone have sucess in using Self-Tanning creams when pale because of treatments that make you photosensive (Differin)? Hoping maybe I can help make the red marks less obvious while they heal. Please Help!! (2 replies)
... I have been using this vitamin A cream called Differin for my acne. Summer is coming and I want to resume my tanning sessions at the salon but I'm a little worried. My face is probably going to be extra sensitive but I'm too white I need some color. Any one have advice? ... (4 replies)
Jan 3, 2003
... Well I have been on differin for 2 weeks now and it has helped certain areas of my face ALOT...but yea at first i got like 4 zits that were bigger than i ever had but they are gone already ... ... (28 replies)
... l im a lil more clear ... but I never burned before but i guess now i might ... maybe ill use spf or cover my head but then id look a lil freaky with a tan body and pale face lol well thanks! ... (4 replies)
... I really wouldn't recommend it. I was on Differin, I tried to tan, and all I did was burn. And red marks got darker. Eek. Not fun. ... (4 replies)
May 21, 2005
... Thanks for the info...So what's the latest I should put on the azelex BEFORE i put on my differin for the how many hours before. ... (10 replies)
... grains, fried and greasy foods, and simple sugars. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I'm 19 years old and I've never had acne in my life. Yea a bump here or 2, but they would go away. ... (7 replies)
... The only thing I can tell you is do not get the benziclin anywear near your eyes or undereye. It will dry it out and make it look wrinkled. I had this problem. I just started Doxy and I take it at night so I don't feel sick. ... (7 replies)

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