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... life. You may start with a low tolerance level of, let's just say for arguments sake, 3 meaning that what you eat can strongly influence the extent to which your acne develops. ... (39 replies)
... SUGAR DOES NOT CAUSE ACNE. ... (39 replies)
... Does sugar cause you to break out? ... (39 replies)

... It follows the same logic to say food doesn't cause obesity or the influenza virus doesn't cause the flu. It follows the same logic to say having sex didn't get you pregnant, or doesn't cause pregnancy because not everyone having sex will get pregnant... ... (39 replies)
... causes dehydration. If you are drinking a lot of coffee or smoking regularly it can cause your body to become dehydrated thus making your skin dehydrated. Now does it "cause" acne? ... (2 replies)
... Well it can easily be denoted that some people are more susceptible to acne than others. That is why everyone states that diet doesn't cause acne. ... (39 replies)
... Chocolate Does Not Cause Acne Yes Refined Sugars Can When Eatin In Excessive Amounts Refined Sugars Can Cause A Breakout On Your Skin But Does Not Cause Acne Also Refined Sugar Are In More Then Just Chocolate So Basically Be Aware Of How Much Your Intake Of Refined Sugar Is And You Will Be Ok Just Don't Go Eat 5 Chocolate Bars If You Eat One Your Ok You Won't Wake Up Woth... (14 replies)
... First the people who believe diet is the cause talk about how it's just not "natural" to eat sugar, dairy, breads, etc. ... (39 replies)
... Wow, is that true that you can be completely acne-free after two months on this diet? Has this worked for you? I don't eat much junk food and hardly any meat, just fish, and I still get pimples, at the age of 32! I'm so tired of this. Also, what are "bad vitamins," if you don't mind explaining? (39 replies)
... I think coffee does cause acne. I didn't start getting my acne until I started taking those stupid Caffeine pills to stay awake. ... (8 replies)
... Get rid of all of these and you will be acne free in two months time. ... (39 replies)
... and her favorite restaurant is McDonalds. When she's at our house I always fix macaroni and cheese because she does not like my home cooking. When they take my daughter on trips with them, they are constantly stopping for snacks and soda. ... (36 replies)
... hmm, that last post was helpful to me...ive had acne for about 10 years..always looking for new things to try...ive heard about the treatment where you dont eat sugar..and wonder if it would work... ... (10 replies)
... Thanks guys, and thanks Prometeus for listing all the great veggies! That sounds encouraging. I will start with cutting the sugar out. ... (39 replies)
... I definatley believe everyone, yes everyone, can clear their acne with diet. ... (39 replies)
... nah, coffee doesn't cause acne. Nutrient deficiencies cause acne. Did the coffee give you a nutrient deficiency, or worsen your already present nutrient deficiencies? ... (8 replies)
... CHOCOLATE does not cause acne. The sugar usually found in chocolate products DOES. ... (14 replies)
... s that simple. It has worked for me, and for many others, some of them post on this board, such as Meagan. You will see that others post on here have cured their acne through diet and all of the diets eliminate what I have posted up there, whether it is the "Wai" diet or a paleolithic diet. ... (39 replies)
... sugar can cause some people to breakout but its not the same for eveyone. ... (39 replies)
... but i do agree with you that sugar does not cause acne, i just don't think your little experient is the one to prove that well known fact however. ... (36 replies)

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