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... hat it's doing is essentially getting rid of all the potential problem areas, because I could almost feel the dirt and grime being ripped from my pores...even my nose feels smooth, which is amazing considering it's always prone to those rough blackheads. ... (3 replies)
... Once I adapted it to my skin, it worked great. But my skin kept getting more and more sensitive to it. Next I could only use it every other night, than 3 times a week. Finally I just stopped using it all together. ... (6 replies)
... and still at it.My chin has a strip that has flaked off, my nose has minor flaking, and I think I see some flakes around the sides of my nose. That is it! Absolutely nothing else! My cheeks, temples, and forehead feel smooth and soft but look old. ... (33 replies)

... cold that took forever to go away. My skin started to get really dry and my lips were very trapped. Anxiety would come and go...a few days on....a few days off. ... (6 replies)
... It's called "Olay gentle foaming face wash" and it's the sensitive skin one. ... (13 replies)
... i've read many posts where it says 'drink and eat well' I'm doing an extended diploma in sport, i drink around a gallon of water a day and a very balanced diet, barely every drink alcohol and have never smoked. ... (1 replies)
... I am on week 7 i think....somewhere in there...and now the dryness os really brutal..looks very gross in makeup as it cracks and peels....hurts to smile cuz my skin is very tight now..the cysts are going down slowly but i am very red...still have lots of little clumps of zits along my jawline and some leftovers on my cheeks. ... (40 replies)
... I haven't been using a regular moisturizer lately because I'm waiting to begin using Sage and I don't want to break out before it gets here, so my skin needs a little moisture, especially around my nose and inner cheeks. ... (15 replies)
Stress Acne?
Mar 5, 2009
... My skin sure has been a pain these days. I've been really trying to take care of it and I seem to break out no matter what. My skin hasn't been as oily as it was in the past and isn't too dry either. ... (2 replies)
... weat bumps under my bangs but by 5h grade they were full fledged pimples and I struggled from teasing. by 6th grade it spreaked to the 'T' zone and was just very red and embrassing until 8th grade where it began spreading to my right cheek. ... (2 replies)
... again a week ago i drank alot of hard alcohol and my face looked ok with few spots here and there.......but this week i drank just alittle and here it is all in red spots that itch and the skin is very dry and oily. it's not the pimples that i am concerned about, it the redness of some sort. ... (5 replies)
... i have had clear skin my entire life, and eat a very healthy balanced diet. i am not allergic to anything. ... (4 replies)
... My face is the exact same, my left side is clearing real good, even the scares are fading. But on my right side i have like 5 red buggers. ... (8 replies)
Feb 26, 2003
... go with the micro. it's not as irritating although don't tell my skin that, i couldn't handle it, but i was using the . ... (8 replies)
... Or you can use one or the other all over depending on your skin type. ... (42 replies)
... There was a time, while I was using Proactiv, that the skin around my forehead and nose got all irritated and red. So I stopped applying the Repairing Lotion on those areas, and the redness went away after like 2 weeks. ... (26 replies)
... I've tried tazorac on my upper lip and cheekbones. It made my skin very dry, especially under my nose, nostriles. That area is still red and irritated after months of not using it. ... (6 replies)
... I was a mess. But it does get better. I know some days, or most days you really dont want to be around people, but it will get better. It took me four months till I started to see results and those four months were hell. ... (13 replies)
... c i have started getting really dry skin on my forehead and i got a couple of tiny red bumps around my nose of which two were like small this how it happened for you and then it just progressively got worse? ... (7 replies)
... About 5 years ago I got put on Minocycline which worked wonders until my doctor suggested around 2 years later that I take a break from it as it is a very intense drug. Then within a year of being off the medication the acne slowly started coming back. ... (5 replies)

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