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Ear Zit
Dec 18, 2005
... Man, this is so painful. I've had a zit since friday evening deep inside my ear. Very deep. ... (3 replies)
Ear Zit
Dec 18, 2005
... My whole ear hurts. If I even speak I feel spine run down from my ear. ... (3 replies)
Ear Zit
Dec 18, 2005
... Don't mess with it yourself ... you don't want to accidentally hurt your ear drum. ... (3 replies)

... I use to get large painful zits in my ears. This was due to putting my finger in my ears everynow and then. Ever since I stopped putting my finger in my ear EVER I have been zit free there. I think you are just going to have to wait this one out. ... (4 replies)
... I am a regular on the Inner Ear Message Board here and I am having a problem in another area. Hence, my plea here. ... (5 replies)
... Hi i have always had good skin apart from the occasional spot coming up in teens ,im now 46 and 3 weeks ago had 3 big ones come up one side of chin and a massive cystic spot other side ,everyone kept saying its hormonal ,tried all topical creams like clearasil facial washes clear skin vitamins ,nothing helped spots were painful to ,then my daughterxsaid try some of this... (2 replies)
Ear Zit
Dec 18, 2005
... I've gotten a few of those before. It's so annoying and yeah it hurts. the only thing I found to do was not touch it and wait for it to go away though. (3 replies)
... I"m confused, but for about a week or so I've had these zit-like bumps right underneath and around both of my earlobes. They are not really painful nor red, they are just light pink and annoying. It's like they are spreading. I was wondering if these were indeed some type of acne/zits or if they are related to something else. My boyfriend says this is common and nothing to... (0 replies)
... It's possibly just a stubborn zit. I've gotten some zits in the weirdest places possible, so I don't think it'd be that uncommon. I've gotten a whitehead on my earlobe before... lol, so yeah. Just dont mess with it for a few days and see how it goes (4 replies)
... Few weeks ago i've had a big zit...incide the nasal hole!! That was very painful... It lasted for 2 weeks! At the end i used a needle and poked it. Just wait when it heal...dont touch it to avoid more pain (3 replies)
... another one on my neck and another one by my right ear lobe. ... (1 replies)
Itchy acne?!?
Jun 18, 2003
... it for about a half hour.If you do this there will be a good chance of it never turning into a zit.It sounds like the kind of zits I sometimes got in front of my ear and neck area. ... (20 replies)
... when i was in my early 20's i did it ALL the time... and made my acne soooooooo much worse than what it was............ but, now that i'm 31, you would think i've "learned my lesson"...... and i have ... for the most part...... i NEVER pick at even a pimple that's clear as day on my face if i'm not stressing about other things in life.... how bizzare is that?? soooo, because... (3 replies)
... is going on. i never seen other people with these problems but me. i wash with shampoo but i would get a zit near my ear, side of my head, and near my temple but in the hair region. anybody have any advice of stopping or treating it? ... (2 replies)
Mirror image Zits
May 18, 2001
... Yep, I get the symmetrical zit phenomenon too. It's really freakin weird. I thought maybe it was because I'd absent mindedly go to pick at the zit and hit the wrong side of my face or something. That was really grasping for an explanation. Right now I have two on my neck under each ear. ... (7 replies)
... Okay well I have this zit on the back of my ear, like right where the ear and my head connect, and its hurts really bad and its cystic. What is the best way to get rid of it without irritating it? ... (6 replies)
... the same problem that girl is having its something new its never happened until this year.. i had this knocking sound in my right ear. I decided to pop this dark zit and it felt like cold air hit the back of my throat and pressue released from my ear. What could be the cause for that? ... (3 replies)
... I am pretty certain that my skin aint like a rabbit ear. Have you ever seen a rabbit with a zit on its ear? ... (2 replies)
... OMGGG I just searched online for it...and I'm not sure, but maybe I do have it? I mean the pictures were kinda scary... Its 1am and my parents are sleeping (I'm a kid) ...I don't know what I should do. I really wana get this checked out. :confused: (6 replies)
... it could be mastoiditis, which can be very severe. If this is causing your head and your ear to ache, this could be more serious than just a zit. I hope you get it looked at soon. ... (6 replies)

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