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... Not to be mean at all, but you seem like you are amongst those people who would give me a dirty look if I ate a candy bar and had acne on my face. Thats just terrible, because of this old wives tale, I feel guilty eating candy in front of these people. ... (4 replies)
Oct 31, 2011
... I have tried everything for my acne but nothing has worked. I have acne scars and very oily skin. When I use products it seems like the acne keeps coming. I have tried to stop drinking sodas and eating candy but that doesnt work either. I just want to know what is the best product I should use? ... (1 replies)
... you dont have to worry about tht, if you start feeling hard spot under your skin then stop eating candy and get it undercontrol, but i heard its not recomened to eat sweets if you have acne. ... (2 replies)

... Laters, Sour Cherries, etc. But it has not made me get any cysts so far, just a small white head on my forehead I've been eating candy and no pimples as of far, except one small one on my left jaw!!!!!!! Any have experience with this? ... (2 replies)
... Hey, thanks for FINALLY sharing your regimen. I heard about the Acne Cure, long after I was following a similar method. ... (54 replies)
... I read your post about not eating sugar in an effort to speed up the healing proces. ... (40 replies)
... in that those breakouts may not be officially considered acne, but nor are they automatically hives or rashes. In fact there are a variety of different types of acne and they involve varying descriptions and locations on the body and are sometimes due to different causes. ... (110 replies)
... ose is Fuel, so you will always prefer SWEET over any other flavor. As we get older this preference changes slightly, but it's built into us. So as long as I'm eating regularly, the thought never crosses my mind. I'm not a sugar or carb addict, but I did believe that certain carbs were "healthy". ... (53 replies)
... Ahh, but that is a conclusion that was NEVER tested. They never bothered to test chocolate CANDY (sugar, dairy, fat) to see if it affected your insulin levels. They NEVER differentiated between Pure Cocoa and Chocolate CANDY. No, instead what they did was give groups of teenagers or college students (this horrid experiment has been repeated so many times) two types of... (54 replies)
... i think i would have to agree about food and acne but i will admit that before i never believed it. However over this summer i did notice some very interesting things. ... (100 replies)
Jan 18, 2004
... HYs and not neccessarily the FOODS. To be very honest, most people could care less about the whys, and only want to know WHAT they have to do to get rid of their acne and health problems. ... (6 replies)
... ody already KNOWS it's attacker and will attack it whether it sees it 5 days or 50 years later down the road. The body remembers, so just because you've stopped eating something, doesn't mean that it won't respond aggressively again once it sees it. ... (53 replies)
... you are right! my acne does get worse when on mino and tetra. when i first when on tetra it worked for about a year or so, but then all of a sudden BOOM, my acne came back even worse. and then i noticed over the years when the derms would put me back on it always made it worse. ... (21 replies)
... I've been following my diet steps and watching what I eat.My mom always buy me alot of junk food and candy in the store and I think it's about time I told my mom no!God I hated that! ... (4 replies)
... Intolerances, Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, ACNE, etc keep that in mind when someone that APPEARS Healthy, tells you there's nothing wrong with eating Dairy or eating Bread. ... (49 replies)
... breakout more or worse during the winter and it's probably because Testosterone NATURALLY increases during this period, so you don't want to exacerbate that by eating foods that are High Glycemic. Otherwise, eat what you want in terms of fruits. ... (12 replies)
... Here we are going through life eating what we want or eating what society and the Food Pyramid deems as "healthy" and at least one of those foods groups is very dangerous for us. ... (38 replies)
... I too think that all of my sudden acne problems when turning 21 could have something to do with a food allergy or sensitivity. ... (1 replies)
... I think that diet does cause acne in some people, but diet modifications are really hard to stick with. I've found that both sugars and fats make acne worse, in my case, and for a while, I stop eating them... ... (100 replies)
... although dried fruits are better than candy because they are natural and contain vitamins etc. ... (34 replies)

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