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Eating disorders
Feb 7, 2004
... I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I am 28 years old and did not develop acne until about age 25. This is when I became anorexic. I have been through all of the eating disorders since then. ... (9 replies)
Eating disorders
Feb 7, 2004
... I'm new to this board and have been reading all the good results people have been having modifying their diet. ... (9 replies)
... It is a form of body dysmorphic disorder often accompanied with eating disorders. ... (19 replies)

... Just wanted to say I hope you are working as much on your eating disorder as your acne. ... (2 replies)
... You would probably NEVER have weight problems or obesity if you weren't eating the junk foods, tons of foods, or the "wrong" foods for your body type. ... (100 replies)
Jan 18, 2004
... Right, I definately agree with Prometheus that what you hear us disagreeing about is more so the WHYs and not neccessarily the FOODS. ... (6 replies)
... I know that I and some others have been posting how food can relate to some people's acne. I posted this under a vegetarian topic but I feel that it's also useful under here too. ... (11 replies)
... When I wrote that post I was very down as my allergies and flushing had really worsened since starting the cleanses. ... (49 replies)
... Sorry it took me a while to get back to ya but sometimes it feels like you are talking to a wall around here and you've gotta live your own life cuz you know that when you come back, everything will still be the same as when you left it. ... (100 replies)
Eating disorders
Feb 8, 2004
... ic my skin was totally clear. As I've started to eat food my skin has gotten progressively worse. Before anorexia I had skin problems too. I took antibiotics for acne when I was 14. ... (9 replies)
... this is why I don't come here as often. I can exhaust myself til I am sick and it still won't change some people's perceptions about what we say and do. ... (53 replies)
... Irrelevant though. Whether or not people can change their diet is irrelevant. Clearly it is not an option for some people, especially those who are prone to eating disorders. Even if some people can't, it doesn't justify me not sharing what helped me and others to have completely clear skin without medications...? ... (53 replies)
... I fell into this area because I was anorexic for years and also an all star athlete, so it wasn't a very good combo. I learned to eat again, and loved exercise, so decided to help others with eating disorders, and rehabilitating with injuries from sports. That led me to my school studies. ... (97 replies)
... Well let me tell you neither do the dermatologists, doctors, and heck even myself. ... (31 replies)
... Maybe acne is evolution. Maybe the illness and disease that beautiful human bodies suffer on manmade diets is the evolution of our species into nothing more than genetic garbage cans. ... (29 replies)
... Skin disorders have long since been associated with ones "health". There's a variety of skin disorders that are due to hormonal disorders, health problems, allergies, intolerances, etc. Acne happens to be one that is believed to be caused by yeast, p. ... (110 replies)
... prone then eating an unhealthy diet will increase the likelihood of worsening your acne. ... (29 replies)
... Hey I posted to you on another thread and while we won't talk about what happened to that one, I did mention a few possibilities as to why you changed your diet in the past and didn't see results. ... (27 replies)
... What I found the most interesting about this thread is how some keep talking about guilt. Do you honestly feel guilty about eating something because you are unsure or afraid of the consequences? ... (20 replies)
... What is the connection between sugar and acne? ... (22 replies)

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