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... Thank you for this post. I've never had a major acne problem, but I always seemed to have a few pimples. And for the longest time, I bought into the what the "experts" said, which is that diet and acne have no connection. But now I know better. ... (8 replies)
... Idealist, I think you should remain active on these boards. Like you, I've been able to control my acne through diet. Unfortunately, there are plenty of nonbelievers and people like us need to stick around to make sure the message gets out. ... (39 replies)
Jul 14, 2004
... ive been trying to eat healthier and cut out foods that cause acne ....i was just wondering if oatmeal was one of those things i should cut out ...ive just started eating it a lot like for breakfast if it isnt good for acne than ill stop ..thanx. ... (5 replies)

... LOL, you didn't actually sit down and write down everything that you hear some of us avoiding and then think that you MUST avoid ALL of those foods did you? ... (9 replies)
... Wheat and Gluten are in LOTS of U.S. food products. From some Alcohols, Breads, Pastas, Soups, Gravies, TV DINNERS, Tomato sauces, etc. ... (34 replies)
... I do believe diet can make acne worse and skin worse in general. However, I don't have much faith in that Food Pyramid because they have changed it about 5 times.. ... (9 replies)
... dried prunes, foods that have ginger in it, and lots of water which helps digest ur foods. And when u drink water, drink it 20 mins after ur meal. ... (6 replies)
... I buy the Quaker Oatmeal that comes in that paper bag... ... (9 replies)
... acne correlation, I thought that by now most acne sufferers that come to this forum would understand the knowledge and apply it properly. ... (25 replies)
... How many days did it take for your skin to react out IF one of these foods was the acne trigger? ... (13 replies)
... I was able to "stop the flow" of acne by stopping the "cause", which had been my diet all the long. ... (13 replies)
... So the purpose of this thread is maybe to colelct all kind of different info on the dieting and nutrition overall and makes reports on the progress of anything you're following concerning the dieting concept. ... (19 replies)
... Hard to say, everyone's different. A doughnut everyday doesn't sound like a good idea. People breakout just by eating a doughnut per week, so it depends. Experiment I guess.. ... (2 replies)
... Sigh, I sorta feel like Euro on this one although I am pleased people are ASKING. It is so disappointing when you post messages trying to help people and they compeletely ignore your posts or never bother to respond to them. ... (40 replies)
... Boil 20 minutes, use coffee filter and let cool to room temp. ... (11 replies)
... ow i've mentioned this way too often, but when i had to eat through a straw for 2 months a couple years back, my skin quickly became flawless. not too long after eating solids again, the acne returned. ... (34 replies)
... You don't want to lose too much weight. Eat more oatmeal if you want, you can eat all the oatmeal you want... it won't wreak havoc on your face. ... (46 replies)
... Tofu, tofu and more tofu. ... (9 replies)
It's Now or Never!
Apr 26, 2004
... know , who have cured themselves through diet. The thing is...everyone is different though. I have known others who have gone the diet route and been able to eat much more meat than I can, or can tolerate oatmeal. ... (342 replies)
5% Spiro Lotion
Mar 16, 2003
... n. i used the spiro lotion for a little more than a week. it was starting to clog my pores, esp. on the oilier parts of my face where i dodn't get acne, forehead and uppercheaks, under eyes, and nose. it didn't cause me to break out, but i could tell that if i continued to use it things were going to go bad. ... (6 replies)

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