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... I now use a Rx cortisone ointment which keeps it pretty much under control, except for a breakout now and then...i'm hoping these will subside after my cycle of accutane is over... ... (10 replies)
... I think a lot of people are a little misinformed on what eczema is. There is a difference between eczema and dry skin. The Accutane does cause very dry skin, and I think people are just calling it eczema, when its not. ... (10 replies)
... I was just wondering are their people with eczema that have used accutane and how it went for you? ... (0 replies)

... I don't know from experience, but I would say that eventually the itching stops. I was on accutane for a month and I got really itchy the itching continued for about 2 weeks after I got off accutane, but I don't itch anymore. ... (3 replies)
... hey guys! I just wanted to know for those of you who have been on accutane and then had your acne return how long was it before it returned and what form did it return in? ... (1 replies)
Last Accutane Pill
Dec 19, 2004
... Hey eczema is really pretty gross. ... (36 replies)
... i've been on accutane for about 5 months now and i just started getting eczema aboput a 3 weeks ago... ... (10 replies)
... feeling' topical usually works well with itches. Also, the accutane may be provoking other reactions in your body, such as eczema if you've ever had it. ... (9 replies)
... I have been on accutane since about June of 2012. And I am still on it. ... (1 replies)
... Had to reply - I've had eczema since childhood (just turned 40) and it's a genetic-heriditary skin problem. Certain things (ie: raw meat, perfumed soaps, gasoline, certain laundry detergents, etc) can "trigger" a reaction. Mine is usually worse in the fall/winter months, due to lack of moisture in the air. (live on northern east coast) But, it's something - that I've always... (10 replies)
... I'm still on Accutane, and will be for a little less than two more montsh believe it or not, which will mean that i will be on it for a total of around 8 months. As for the eczema, my derm gave me some strong cortizone ointment and i tried that, but results were slow, so i tried putting a decent amount of good moisturizer (vasaline intensive care) all over my arms once a... (10 replies)
... I just bought this! I hope it works. It smells really nice, but I haven't used it in the shower yet. I know the itching makes it looks so much worse, but sometimes I can't hardly stand it! Thanks for the advice... I'll let you know if it helps me as much as it helped you! (4 replies)
... i am not on accutane BUT i have had eczema for many many years and i finally found something that really helps with it... the new Olay moisturinse in shower body lotion... it REALLY helped with my eczema. ... (4 replies)
... Accutane was a miracle for me. I took it for five months and just got off it three weeks ago. I'm so happy that I took it. The dry lips, dry eyes, and eczema were sooooo worth it. I actually got complimented on my skin today! ... (34 replies)
... for about 15 years now! I finally broke down and went on accutane. It's ridiculously easy to get accutane here. I walked in, had a prescription filled in five minutes, no questions, no signing anything, wasn't asked if I was on birth control or pregnant. ... (2 replies)
... I'm on accutane and I love it! Everyone who says not to do it because of the side effects should not influence YOUR decision to take it. ... (12 replies)
Last Accutane Pill
Dec 18, 2004
... I took my last accutane pill last night! ... (36 replies)
... I hope ALL of us on accutane have clear skin for like once we get off the drug. ... (20 replies)
... s not officially eczema, its just really dry skin. How Accutane works is that it dries up your oil glands in your body, which is causing your arms and legs to be dry. ... (4 replies)
... I took accutane about 5 years ago. Since then I have had constant mucus in my eyes. ... (4 replies)

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