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... k to about a year skin breaks out every summer due to the humidity, and in the summer my skin gets very oily. Then right before vacation I decide to go on B5, a week later from being on B5 I went into a hotel swimming pool. The next day I had no new acne and my old acne was clearing up. ... (3 replies)
... is not linked with acne at all and never will be that's the end of the story, period, stop, no, stop talking, etc. ... (73 replies)
... like its the dryest its been in a while because its so cold here in New York. In the summer my face feels a lot better, for some reason the sun has a good affect on it. Also, in the summer going to the beach really helps my acne heal up because of the effect of salt water. ... (9 replies)

Seasoned acne
Apr 18, 2002
... but yes, i do think that change n temp and also seasons have an effect on acne. ... (1 replies)
... Hi. Im a 24 yo male in Houston, Tx. My first six month course of Accutane was around September of 2000. The results were great! For the first time in years, I didn't have to worry about my skin being oily or breaking out. ... (2 replies)
... I have always heard that direct sunlight has no effect on acne whatsoever. ... (1 replies)
Adult Acne
Jan 25, 2005
... t choose to take Accutane that's fine, but he's an adult, can make his own decisions, and who are you all to reprimand him for it. Sure Accutane has a long list of possible side effects, BUT if something occurs ONE time it has to be listed as a POSSIBLE side effect. ... (73 replies)
... No, you try using another ingredient or a different formulation. Well, the same can be said for diet, just because you've tried "ALL of them", meaning 4 diets, doesn't mean that it won't work for anyone else. ... (49 replies)
... Do nothing at all and hope it doesnt come back, I belive a lot of these anti biotcs and cleaners etc do nothign but aggreivate and irrate your skin and make you break out. ... (1 replies)
... I am finishing up my course of accutane at the end of this month. ... (1 replies)
... outs began which developed into mild acne on my forhead and temples. ... (0 replies)
... bad effect on acne because the peak of increased testosterone is kept to under one hour I believe. ... (13 replies)
... I was given accutane with clear skin. The dr gave it to me for oiliness. It was really that out of control. ... (25 replies)
Accutane- sports
Jul 17, 2007
... Hello, Im planning on starting accutane this month but through my reading up about this treatment my skin is going to be sensitive. ... (3 replies)
... androgens had on male to female transexuals.guess what their skin dries out too much and the skin gets softer.then i research acne sites and guess what its male androgens that cause ur sebasous glands to become overactive. ... (30 replies)
... this way, because they've made eating poorly and sometimes unknowingly unhealthy EASY. It's all around us. It's easy to grab. It's Affordable. There's plenty of it. If you ask me, it feels like These foods have us boxed in and changing our diet is the key to freeing us! We DESERVE to have CHOICES! ... (21 replies)
... m and i have PIH on the right side of my face. In other words i have red marks on my face left over from previous acne. I understand that it takes a while to fade but it does fade. I was wondering about how long? ... (2 replies)
... when using ab's, cause it relies on internal flora bacteria found in your intestines to work... ... (6 replies)
... no it wouldn't be like starting from scratch. You had your innitial breakout wich means most of the toxins are cleared from your body. You Noticed less oil meaning that your body started producing more CoenzymeA from B5. ... (8 replies)
... I am 16 years old, and although I know acne at this age can and probably is hormonal, I still feel even teenagers should have clear skin as well as everyone else. ... (1 replies)

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