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... of people who took it". That was BS. My acne came back within months of going off accutane. ... (20 replies)
... I am going into my sixth month on accutane and am more than happy with the results so far. ... (71 replies)
... I have used accutane for 2 days a couple of weeks ago. I exactly took 6 times a pill of 20 mg. Then I decided to stop because I found the risk not worth it. ... (4 replies)

... My acne was not that bad either but I was not put on a low dose. If you go on a low dose you will be on much longer and the probability of it working long term is less. I think the standard dosage for the entire course is 120 mg for every kg of bodyweight. So, if you weighed say 160 lbs. ... (7 replies)
... To cut a very long story short yes I did take Accutane 8 years ago and I have since suffered many long term persistent side effects that have been directly linked to my taking the drug. I was not warned about any of them. ... (19 replies)
... CAN ANYONE relate to the type of acne I have... ... (1 replies)
... Im 23, and was taking Roaccutane for around 4 or 5 months about 5 years ago now. ... (3 replies)
... Whoa adh01au, you're making Accutane sound like the dermatological society's version of nicotine. You made it sound like people were forced into taking Accutane without knowing the risks, and when the negative effects on the body actually appear ten years down the line, there's nothing we can do about it. ... (26 replies)
... i am posting my experience and my feelings. while others are raving about accutane i am not. ... (20 replies)
... depressed afterwards and they blame accutane! Have they ever thought that maybe there parents who just seperated or there friends that ditched them was the cause of it? ... (20 replies)
... The drug is very hard on your liver and your skin so I am thinking that low dose over a period of time is not a good idea and besides you don't really have to because the effects of Accutane is long term. ... (2 replies)
... I've taken two courses of Accutane in the past. The first time, in 1998, was for severe cystic acne. ... (46 replies)
... I had my eyes checked 10 months after finishing Accutane and was told that I needed glasses to correct the problem. I refuse to get them. I am hoping that the Accutane will correct itself, perhaps wishful thinking? ... (12 replies)
... will it cause harm to a fetus even after the accutane treatment? ... (46 replies)
... EOD of accutane to help keep down my acne. I am 35 years old and had bad acne as a child. Now that im older I still get the occasional flare up, which is very bothersome. ... (2 replies)
... i knew about accutane before many of you posters were even born.i think it was in a 1981 issue of science digest.i told my derm a year even before the fda approved it. ... (21 replies)
... about long term side effects of accutane when they are making billions of dollars on people taking it who don't even really need to? ... (26 replies)
... can't remember. i am 20 years old and have had acne since i was 12 probably. i think accutane got rid of my cystic acne, but i still get little bumps constantly. i can't remember the last time my face was perfectly clear. ... (3 replies)
... but anyway my patient summary is at the following address and is pretty self explanatory, add to that new conditions of blephrospam and eye floaters and the list is complete for the time being. ... (11 replies)
... Like Thathi I have serious persistent side effects after taking a 40 mg dose of Roaccutane for 5 months 8 years ago. ... (12 replies)

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