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... I have used the egg yolk mask for the past 2 nights. I love it. However, I have really dry skin. ... (10 replies)
... hey everyone yesterday was my first night of doing the egg yolk mask and this morning my face felt really soft & smooth, but nothings changed with my pimples no new ones.. which is good ...but i didnt expect miracles going to continue doing this nearly every night...i hope this hopes with my complexion i... (62 replies)
... As envirogirl suggested, you could try just putting the egg yolk on problem areas. I have been using it as a mask as I do not have overly oily skin. After rinsing the mask off, I dab some of the yolk on specific blemishes to wear overnight. ... (10 replies)

... Hey!! i dont know from personal experience, but everyone seems to LOVE the egg yolk mask!! so i think you should stick with that. ... (12 replies)
... Okay, I've been doing the egg yolk mask for the past 4 nights now and am liking the results. ... (12 replies)
... write about it on 'any sucess with the EGG YOlK MASK' forum by me!! ... (234 replies)
... Well, I am excited about the mask. I read about it yesterday on this board and I decided to try it this morning. I'm usually the last one to leave the house so it was perfect (btw, how weird is it that we're so shy about treating acne - I mean, if it was a wound on the leg, noone would hesitate to put egg on it if it could help - I guess it's all the judgement we get about... (62 replies)
Miracle Whip
Sep 4, 2001
... Hi...the things you learn on this site are amazing! This Miracle Whip mask sounds like the old tried and true egg white formula! Think I might resurrect the egg mask, add a little vinegar and see what happens...without all the other oil and whatever else may be in Miracle Whip. Sounds interesting... ... (15 replies)
Egg Yolk Mask
Jun 3, 2001
... just do egg yolk mask 1x a's good for ya skin, and dont do it everday. ... (14 replies)
Egg Yolk Mask
Jun 1, 2001
... I did the egg yolk mask a few times and it made my skin feel smoother, but it also made me nauseaus too. ... (14 replies)
Egg Yolk Mask
May 30, 2001
... Has anybody ever heard of using the yolk of an egg as a facial mask for acne? ... (14 replies)
... i know exactly how you feel. i've been doing the mask for almost 3 weeks and i'm still getting little rashy-type/open pimples. they're not huge or anything, and they don't hurt, but i don't know. i'd say stick with it- that's what i'm going to do at least for a few more weeks. if you're itching or something, then definitely stop or if your face is much worse than it was... (4 replies)
... It's really as simple as it sounds. Lets say your using the yolk. Break open the egg over the sink, put your finger inside the egg to act as like a strainer, strain out all the white until you just have the yellow left. ... (13 replies)
... OR egg without the yoke? ... (21 replies)
... i tried the egg white on my face too cleared some of my pimples too my mum says that egg white is better than egg yolk but i m not sure whether it is suitable to apply on it weekly (21 replies)
... rid of the red marks, i was brushing twice a week and then lotsa vitamin cream. I was SOOOOOO happy. i was delirious my face was looking so good. Then i saw the egg yolk post and thought id do that too to help speed things up even more. ... (16 replies)
... theres a big thing going on about the egg yolk...the egg yolk makes it seem that your acne scars are fading rapidly but in fact its just covering them up with a wall... ... (10 replies)
... e going away but in reality they were right there where I left them and were not going anywhere ,just hiding.I do know that if you have very large pores that the egg yolk can get stuck under them and cause a breakout.I think I will wait till after my face clears up and try the egg white. ... (2 replies)
... Instructions: 1. Buy 1 egg. Though eggs are often sold in 'multipacks' of six or more. 2. Take 1 egg. 3. Crack egg. 4. Remove yolk from white. 5. Rub yolk on face. 6. Leave on face for however long you want. 7. Wash it off. 8. Repeat whenever. (8 replies)
... Hey all you egg yolk users! I read all of your messages and I am very curious about this egg thing. I think I am going to try it tonight, but I have some questions. ... (62 replies)

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