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... The only way you can combat elevated testosterone levels is by vitamins,herbs, and food. ... (8 replies)
... ve PCOS, that went undiagnosed far too long and I'm very thin, hence one of the reasons it was overlooked for so long. Anyway, to make a LONG story short, I have elevated testosterone levels and my thyroid levels were out of wack. ... (4 replies)
Acne at age 24?
Dec 27, 2004
... I read a study that persistent adult acne in women is the number one indicator of elevated testosterone. It has an even higher correlation than excess hair. ... (5 replies)

... of acne sufferers merely are just SENSITIVE to "regular" amounts of androgen hormones and the rest of us actually do produce too much hormones. Thus why most acne sufferers skin usually calms back down once puberty is over. The same rule also applies when it comes to treating hirsutism. ... (80 replies)
... I have said this time and time again, and frankly as much as I love you guys, i get why people leave this board. =P No one has time to constantly argue and debate with, usually the same, individuals that FAIL to realize how something as simple as food can affect our hormonal system 100%!!! Am I saying that if you follow the "right" diet for you (trial and error) you can be... (30 replies)
... but some are also androgen antagonists. After all, if you can reduce the inflammation, most acne formation probably wouldn't result...but whatever we do use for this, antibiotics are NOT the solution. ... (21 replies)
... ot an expert. I can't think of why you couldn't try spiro after a partial hysterectomy. It doesn't stop your body from producing testosterone, it just binds to testosterone so your body can't use it. My doctor did a blood test first to check my testosterone level. ... (10 replies)
... When I was trying to get pregnant, it was found that I have elevated levels of testosterone and PCOS. Fortunately, I was able to conceive and had 2 beautiful children. ... (3 replies)
... Yep blood tests. My periods were regular but lasting a long time. I was really glad to find out my testosterone was high. ... (8 replies)
... totally relate. I can just tell you what my doctor explained to me. Even if hormone levels come back looking "normal" that does not mean the levels do not become elevated throughout the day. The elevation at various times is what causes the acne so they may come back "normal" but actually are not. ... (6 replies)
... Now I'm not saying you have this, because there are much more common causes of elevated androgens. But persistent acne in the adult years is the number one indicator of elevated testosterone according to a recent study. Its an even better indicator than excess body hair. ... (7 replies)
Adult acne?
Dec 15, 2004
... Sudden acne as an adult is a pretty big indicator of a hormonal imbalance. I'd definitely get your testosterone checked. If it is elevated, spironolactone will really help. There are also some great topicals out there these days. ... (13 replies)
Aug 30, 2004
... About hormonal acne... Blood tests are probably the best way. But persistent acne in your 20s is the number 1 indicator of elevated testosterone. ... (13 replies)
Derm or ob/gyn
Sep 2, 2004
... gyn should be familiar with spiro because it is used to treat pcos. Whether they will feel comfortable prescribing it if you don't have an elevated testosterone level is anybody's guess. A dermo might be more comfortable prescribing it just for acne. ... (1 replies)
...about androgens
May 28, 2001
... Many women and teenage girls with acne may have excess levels of testosterone and other male hormones to blame, a report suggests. ... (4 replies)
... eliminate a type of acne for them, so I suppose even if you do have a hormonal disorder you could try it. At the same time, usually if you just treat your hormnal disoder.... ... (14 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 18, 2004
... Hmm... give a normal or acne free person IGF-1 and what happens? (Full Text Available...maybe someone should read it) (125 replies)
... for bonding at peripheral receptors. It is also said to intensify catabolism of androgens, and activate conversion of testosterone into estrogens. ... (7 replies)
... Yes, my derm checked my hormones. He found that I had elevated levels of testosterone. He said that this could be a sign of PCOS or another hormone related problem that the side effect is acne. ... (2 replies)
Aug 12, 2004
... Yep all you need is a blood test. Testosterone is probably where they would start. If that is elevated they would probably go on to test other hormones like androstenedione, DHEAS, and 17 hydroxy progesterone to see what is causing the problem. ... (6 replies)

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