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... You can ask anything you want! Prior to my cleanse I suffered cystic acne on my face and neck. ... (429 replies)
... moderate acne with occasional cysts which depress me to death. i'm 20 now had acne since 14 and it's time to stop i can't live like this anymore. ... (429 replies)
... Indeed, many peoples acne is due to digestion. ... (429 replies)

... and so I started breaking out badly but with cysts on my lower chin and underneck. ... (429 replies)
... AznHisoka, I considered performing a liver cleanse but I really don't see the point now since I very rarely get new acne now. Also, as you have eluded to, a liver cleanse is a complex and unpleasant procedure. ... (429 replies)
... i would have to say i get pustule, papule type acne, and i even get cystic type sometimes. i had it on my forehead, both cheeks, and sometimes my chin. :angel: and as like tata77 said, im more aware of internal organ's well being. you should work it internally. im so thankful i tried this regimen. good luck to all! :angel: (429 replies)
... me for taking so long to reply to your questions. Regarding Epidermx, I have used it in the past and found it to be very effective at literally grinding down old cysts and helping red marks to fade. But it has the negative effect of reddening one's face. And beware of using it on active acne. ... (429 replies)
... This moring, 20 zits, 6 cysts are now just the size of a zit and the other 2 huge cysts have gone down a little. ... (429 replies)
... I'm wondering because some say the location of your acne determines what part of your digestive system is messed up. ... (429 replies)
... indulge I will still get little pimples. But they have no staying power as opposed to the cysts that I used to suffer as a result of my indulgence. ... (429 replies)
... m getting the usually new pimples every two days or so. I know some people had results after 4 weeks and i'm already almost at 4 weeks. But it just seems like my acne has not been "cured". ... (429 replies)
... My acne used to consist of painful cysts mostly on my forehead, chin, jawline and neck, but sometimes my cheeks and nose, too. I also used to have blackheads on my nose and forehead. ... (429 replies)
... Hey everybody, Ok I started the cleansing process i'm finishing up the fourth day i'm wondering if i'm doing this right on day one i started my fasting i took the 2 phsyllium husks 1 activated charcoal for lunch time and dinner and then i took a Acidolphis once and then from then on i began taking that dosage and drinking lots of water the most i've been noticing is my acne... (429 replies)
... pain of cysts and acne. It seems to be getting worse and worse as I age. ... (429 replies)
... Anyway, I figured it couldn't do any harm to make an update of my own. In recent weeks I haven't seen any new acne at all. ... (429 replies)
... While I think EV suggested an initial fast, I suggest you don't need to completely fast. Just eliminate the bad foods from your diet. ... (429 replies)
... oh and tata77, it's been about my 4th week doing the cleanse or after starting it. Just now noticing a down time.......acne and cysts finally settling down. Maybe the above was my initial breakout........yuck and wow was it bad. ... (429 replies)
... before I see the derm. I made an appt because my cysts seem to be more and more and several at a time, not to mention extremely oily skin. And lately acne on my back, upper arms, neck and sometimes chest. I was going to ask for Accutane at my appt. ... (429 replies)
... it has been my 5th day and i had no cyst in the past week which is usually strange. i always get a cyst on my chin or cheek. My skin feels better and no sign of cysts which is a big improvements for me. I have NO side effects using psyllium husks, charcoal and lactobacillus casei. NO stomach pain ..nothing. ... (429 replies)
... wow 2 weeks? amazing...thanks for the info littledaga. i will keep you guys updated on how things go with me. It's my fourth day now and things are going well. NO new CYSTS. i would say a miracle has occured. lol (429 replies)

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