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Emu oil
Jan 26, 2001
... Just a post to say that I've been reading up on emu oil & have found it has really great great results for those with acne. Just do a search with keywords being "emu oil acne" Thought I'd pass it on.. I'm going to try it. Tell ya'll about my results with it. (1 replies)
... Emu Oil won't help smooth acne scars or make any improvement in acne. It's a biological oil that is very close to our own natural oil so it penetrates the skin in a way other moisturizers can't and it doesn't clog pores. ... (6 replies)
... rosaca cream that contained emu oil. He sweared by it.. so i ordered it. ... (2 replies)

Emu oil for acne
Nov 4, 2003
... I tried accupuncture and it helped with acne at first but then it seemed to get worse from all the toxins coming out. In addition, my skin would rash out even with the slightest touch. ... (6 replies)
... I've been using emu oil as a moisturiser for 2 weeks now and its fantastic. ... (6 replies)
Emu oil for skin
Jul 5, 2004
... As you may know to get hamburger, ham, chicken, lamb, and, etc., you have to slaughter the animal. So we slaughter the emu to get the oils, meats, feathers, leather, and etc. The emu is the most usable bird that we have come across. ... (11 replies)
... etty much natural. I wash my face only at night with Vitamin C refreashing facial cleanser and in the morning i just use warm water. I then apply a little bit of emu oil over any red spots and every now and then some topical niacinamide. ... (0 replies)
... Do you think emu oil helps with acne and stuff i mean i hope it dosen't cause more breakouts or blackheads. Can you please post a bit more about your thoughts on emu oil like have u noticed weather it will smooth out indented acne scars? ... (6 replies)
... I'm looking for a good moisturizer that will help heal my skin. I've read a lot about emu oil and MSM gel recently. I'm not concerned with whether these will help clear up any acne, I just want something to help inflamation, drying, scaling, etc. ... (0 replies)
Emu oil for skin
Apr 24, 2003
... I'm not a mosturizer girl. Every kind seems to break me out. I want to order some emu oil with my next purchase of CP and Exfol but it's so expensive! Doe anyone have any personal experience with emu oil? ... (11 replies)
Emu oil
Apr 17, 2003
... For all the people that have used emu oil, could u tell me if it is affective on acne and acne red marks? ... (0 replies)
... Has anyone used emu oil? ... (0 replies)
... But are you sure you have the red scars from acne or real skin damage? ... (2 replies)
Adult Acne
Dec 27, 2004
... i am a 23 and have had acne since i was in 6th grade. imagine middle school kids asking you "what is that on your face? ... (73 replies)
... Does Emu Oils get rid of Acne Scars? ... (0 replies)
... by studying what helps us control, prevent or eliminate our breakouts. So, would everyone agree with me that most definitions of ACNE state that it's a condition of having clogged pores or follicles caused by a combination of the factors below? ... (97 replies)
... You could try using jojoba oil to moisturize your skin. ... (7 replies)
... There would be (2) differences: 1. The oil would be of a higher concentration of Tea Tree since nothing else would be added. 2. The oil would most likely penetrate the skin faster than the cream, unless it had a penetrant w/ the ability to do deeper (DMSO, Emu Oil, etc) Applying the TTO topically will not make your face (3 replies)
... I have this kind of acne! No one can see the bumps unless I'm under overhead lighting, which I try to stay away from anyway. I started getting them from using emu oil on my face. Then from then on I'd get them on and off. Right now it's the worst they've ever been. ... (8 replies)
... ral skin remedy plus a chinese medicated soap. Overall my health seemed to be very good so i am hoping this will give me the extra oooph i need to clear my mild acne once and for all. ... (1 replies)

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