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... I dont have PCOS. Wait how do they determine if I have this? I just had a large endometrioma cyst removed, so they would have known if I had PCOS right? (17 replies)
... First you should go to your doctor (preferably an endocrinologist). Ask him or her to test you for polycystic ovary disease. You really sound like you have all of the classic symptoms (hairy, acne, oily skin, pear shape) Are you periods irregular as well? BC pills and spiro will both help the symptoms, but you should at least make sure there are no medical conditions. Hope... (17 replies)
... lighetening and it's effective at that, but for those interested in some other more natural forms of skin lightening products, here's products that offer both HQ, but also Kojic or other forms of lightening ingredients. ... (5 replies)

... Thanks =) I quit the Spiro because it didn't clear my skin and because I'd rather be on a more natural anti-androgen/DHT inhibitor. While it was helpful with hirsutism, the more strict I am with my diet and the more I learn about how food interacts with our body to produce hormones, toxins and unfortunately feed/provide microorgansisms (friendly and unfriendly) the less body... (80 replies)
... Some call it hirsutism, but when you've got irregular menstrual cycles I'd call it something along the lines of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). BC wasn't effective enough, Spiro wasn't either right? For you own sake, you can not stay on antibiotics because in no way are they helping you deal with your other issues, not to mention they are probably making your acne and... (80 replies)
... ists do, and they can uncover and diagnose problems and diseases of the body caused by hormones, menopause, diabetes,thyroid disorders. i am not really sure what oily skin is caused by. i would think its hormones? ... (22 replies)
... o in addition to what's been discussed in this thread, people with thyroid disorders and adrenal disorders also have their own signs that can manifest in several skin disorders, including acne. ... (80 replies)
... Has anyone here seen an endocrinologist for acne? ... (5 replies)
... An Endocrinologist is trained to recognize metabolic disorders and as such this is the type of doctor you want to visit. ... (80 replies)
... My endocrinologist said that a blood test was necessary to determine just how bad it is and to determine where the deficinincy is... ... (80 replies)
... Beckers, You have every reason to be concerned. I had doctors treat me like that too. If you do have hirsutism, you need to have blood tests ran to determine what gland is not working properly. It can either be from your pitutitary or adrenal glands. I cannot remember which one was the route of my problem. The tests were expensive. I think around $900. But I went to... (80 replies)
... can do anything about oily skin, or would it be just for acne? ... (22 replies)
... d thought that those things called facials might somehow help. I made an appt. and had a nice facial. The lady that gave me my facial commented on how clean my skin was and I told her I usually gave myself at home facials several times a week. ... (80 replies)
... erers merely are just SENSITIVE to "regular" amounts of androgen hormones and the rest of us actually do produce too much hormones. Thus why most acne sufferers skin usually calms back down once puberty is over. The same rule also applies when it comes to treating hirsutism. ... (80 replies)
... So, I have an appointment scheduled for next Tuesday. However, before reading this thread, I didn't know that an Endocrinologist rather than a Gynecologist is who I should be seeing. Is there really much difference in the two? ... (80 replies)
... I understand. Spironolactone's effects are DOSE dependent so the more you take (at the lowest effective dose for you) the better the results. In studies 50mg is used, but most women (and men) on this board take 100mg - 200mg/day. For some 25mg is enough to clear them, for others it's 200mg, for moi...while it helped, it wasn't 200mg =( I will say that it is good for... (80 replies)
... I agree with SweetJade. Do you HAVE to get a referral to an endocrinologist for your insurance to pay? ... (80 replies)
... Get a NEW doctor. The fact that you have both acne, hirsutism, and 2 miscarriages (can be a sign) means that you could have an underlying hormonal problem. I can't believe that a woman doctor could be so insensitive! (80 replies)
... hi- i am amazed by the knowlege you people have!!! is the irregular/absent period thing always a symptom? just wondering cuz i am haaaaaaaaairy and have acne too, but i have normal periods, and concieved easily, too easily :nono: LOL -i had 2 very healthy babies, (but did have 2 miscarriages i am not sure if that would have something to do with it), but i did ask my doctor... (80 replies)
... Yes, with my hirsutism, I did have to take medication for under two years. It was called Deltasone. I went to an endocrinologist to run the necessary tests. I later asked my derm why he didn't test me and he said he didn't realize it was that bad. It was. ... (80 replies)

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