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... I have heard that Yasmin has a small amount of spiro in it, which a lot of dermatologists use to treat acne. Yep, they probably don't even run blood tests on you, they just put you on Yasmin or Spiro. ... (80 replies)
... You should see an Endocrinologist, especially if you hope to have children one day because if you do have PCOS, it may prevent you from having children until you treat the cause of your problem. ... (80 replies)
... al Balancing Diet. Anyway, it always seemed to me that I might have good luck if I just went out and bought a man's Prostate Formula because whatever is used to treat acne, hirsutism is usually going to also be used to treat Male Patterned baldness and Prostate Hyperplasia. Then again... ... (15 replies)

... or accompanied by other symptoms should see an endocrinologist. I also am a big fan of chinese and homeopathic practitioners because they generally do not treat symptoms, but look for the underlying source of the problem. ... (22 replies)
... eliminate a type of acne for them, so I suppose even if you do have a hormonal disorder you could try it. At the same time, usually if you just treat your hormnal disoder.... ... (14 replies)
... t know what to look for. In fact, I'm guessing that in the last 5 years or so, is when a lot of strides have been made toward connecting the dots for women with acne and other problems. However, MEN can get these SAME problems, only it's much harder for it to be recognized in them. ... (28 replies)
... Wow, those are ALL great reccomendations, but they focus on only a few of the treatments and reasons our acne is seemingly terminally "hormonal". There are more medications out there to treat our hormonal balances that have nothing to do with estrogen, avandia, etc. ... (15 replies)
... I'm hoping someone can relate to this. My 24 year old daughter got very bad cystic acne last year. A dermatologist prescribed long term prednisone at 60 mgs. a day. Not only did her acne not get better, but it got much worse. Then, the same derm. ... (2 replies)
... An Endocrinologist is trained to recognize metabolic disorders and as such this is the type of doctor you want to visit. ... (80 replies)
... aid she was going to ask my other doctor if that would be something they could give me. but of course he said no. they said its just not "conventionally" used to treat acne and they dont want to give me it. i kind of lost it in the doctors office after that because ive just had enough. i started bawling. ... (5 replies)
... I will say that it is good for dealing with hirsutism issues, however my guess is that if you are suffering from both acne and hirsutism and it is getting worse over time, then it's time you saw an Endocrinologist. These two are signs of a larger problem. ... (80 replies)
... may be neccessary in order to eliminate all types of acne or other associated skin problems. ... (80 replies)
... mg because that's what my endocrinologist says is usually needed to treat hirsutism. During the first month, I noticed a decrease in oil, but not in acne. ... (16 replies)
... you need to seek out the help of an Endocrinologist. I went to many dermatologists and general practice doctors from the age of 12 to about 23 and all tried to treat the acne and not get to the root of why the acne was occuring. ... (17 replies)
... You have every reason to be concerned. I had doctors treat me like that too. If you do have hirsutism, you need to have blood tests ran to determine what gland is not working properly. ... (80 replies)
... e best thing one can do. If you think you may have a hormonal imbalance, do go to an endocrinologist, not a derm. Doctors today are far far too specialized. They treat symptoms, not the disease, and often fail to realize how these symptoms are related. HOpe this helps a bit. ... (22 replies)
What is spiro?
Nov 26, 2004
... Ahh, yes Spiro is a good drug for acne. It's been an aldosterone inhibitor for over 20 or 30 years now, and it has been used to treat acne almost as long. ... (2 replies)
... diet and exercise should be the first line of defense in treating insulin resistance that one would treat with Metformin, including IR found in PCOS & Syndrome X. if you modify your insulin response and blood sugars via these methods, you eliminate the need for Metformin b/c you have solved your problem at its root. of course, one must continue the exercise and special diet to... (114 replies)
... Have you considered asking your PCP for a referral to see an endocrinologist. Read "Female Acne and Hormones" by Dr. Geoffrey Redmond. ... (13 replies)
... I've been dealing with some sort of acne for the past 17 years. It's really interesting because I never ran to my dermatologist to get a cyst reduced. ... (39 replies)

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