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... I do have some blackheads, but I keep getting these pitted places and they are all over my face now and my face looks horrible, I don't know if they are scars or enlarged pores. Could someone tell me if they think these are scars or enlarged pores and how to get rid of them? ... (0 replies)
... This occurs mainly on the sides of my nose and on my upper cheeks. Anything i can do about the whiteheads or enlarged pores? ... (2 replies)
... ble. i have also been using elicina for a good while, and it seems to help reduce the appearance as well. what exactly is the difference between pitted scars and enlarged pores? ... (6 replies)

Enlarged pores
May 8, 2004
... I have some nasty enlarged pores on the cheek area right next to my nose. ... (2 replies)
... I have enlarged pores that are scarred. I'm trying to find makeup that would cover it without causing further breakouts. ... (0 replies)
... Has anyone used sage products for pitted scars and enlarged pores? ... (6 replies)
... Can anyone share there experiences they had with trying to reduce enlarged pores and pitted scars? ... (6 replies)
Enlarged Pores
Apr 18, 2002
... i have a few enlarged pores, from acne in the past. i have a very large one on the edge of my nose that bugs the hell out of me. ... (0 replies)
... then I do not eat it. What I noticed was my enlarged pores shrank down to the smallest I've ever known them to be since before puberty and those hairs fell out! ... (80 replies)
... l in high school. Thanks to Accutane I am free of current acne, but my face still isnt even close to looking good. My forehead and chin are clear, with just some enlarged pores on my foreheard and discoloration, but you can hardly tell. My cheeks are a diaster. ... (26 replies)
... KC Lee. Yes, I know. I expressed myself wrong when I used the word "dilated", I meant enlarged. When the blood rush to heal a lesion, the capilaries can get enlarged. And it can take some time for it to subside!(=red mark) could you explain how you so easily can know if the capillari is dilated/broken? because it's hard to tell the diff. between a red mark made of tiny... (29 replies)
... craped at my nose when it started to peel... But it wasn't just the lil "picking" people do, it was SCRAPING. Soo, with the damage I caused with my nails... Came enlarged pores. This problem has slowly been clearing up over the past months. But I noticed something odd. Very odd. ... (0 replies)
Blackhead holes...
Mar 22, 2006
... always had fairly dry skin, with small pores... but my husband had acne in his teens, and now I'm noticing that one of my sons is getting a lot of blackheads and enlarged pores, especially around his nose. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I'm sure that picking at blackheads can't be helpful. ... (8 replies)
Aug 21, 2004
... they aren't really scars, but enlarged pores and a bit of redness... ... (10 replies)
... again.compared to acne these side effects are mild including being thirsty,peeing frequently,tiredness but that goes away after awhile.if you get enlarged breast that would go away after you stopped using the drug. ... (4 replies)
... Whiteheads are enlarged hair follicles beneath the surface of the skin that appear on the surface as small whitish bumps. ... (2 replies)
... worse, but compared to how good it used to be, it is a problem for me. I have messed it up in some places by picking and squeezing blackheads, and that can cause enlarged pores and little scars, so I would like a good foundation for that. ... (13 replies)
... I'm thinking about purchasing Dermablend but I'm not sure it will help to hide my pores. I have enlarged pores (especially on my nose) from long years of acne and when I use liquid foundations I've found that the pores look even more obvious! Powders help hide the pores better than foundation but they don't hide the scars (also from acne :S). I was even thinking about buying... (0 replies)
... What about the small ones that basically look like enlarged pores and aren't too deep, are they pits as well? ... (3 replies)
All about PEELS
Nov 15, 2002
... pore type blackheads on the nose, and other enlarged pores on the face? ... (97 replies)

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