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... Jabbathegut, There's actually a few regimens that males around here have used such as: Rice and/or Oatmeal as their only grains (as bulking carb) Gluten-Free Diet Gluten-Free Diet w/ Fish Oil or R-ALA (27 replies)
... I'm not going to name any brand. No use, as I live in Belgium, and most of these products are only available in my country. The Omega-3 pills that work for me are the ones that contain 600 mg DHA and 150 mg EPA. These are minimum values. That means that 1 pill may contain 800 mg DHA and 200 mg EPA. They just guarantee the first values. Secondly, they are cleared of toxins... (26 replies)
... I started getting chronic acne at the age of 21 just after breaking up with a long term relationship. ... (32 replies)

... For those interested, yes there is a genetic component to developing acne, in that certain people will be more "at risk", but there has yet to be specific acne gene. Just like there probably isn't a specific coughing gene, sneezing gene, when we get sick, right? ... (54 replies)
... Judging from what you said, your acne seems to be hormonal. ... (6 replies)
... Absolutely! I've NEVER come across anything that says that acne is it's own disease. Acne, just like a cough or the chicken pox, is a sign or symptom of something attacking, wrong, or imbalanced in our system. ... (18 replies)
... But about a month ago, I was watching an infomercial, and decided to order Murad Acne Complex System. I don't know about others on this forum, but it started to work on me. ... (2 replies)
... Anyway, I began to see improvement within 3 weeks and in four months all my acne were gone. ... (2 replies)
... line research I went out and bought myself fish oil capsules. I do think my acne is hormonal based. ... (26 replies)
... Furthermore, did any of you notice that when we treat our acne it is a result of the following methods: Non-pore clogging skin care Avoidance of allergens Cleansing/Flushing of toxins Anti-inflammatories (antibotics, benzoyl peroxide, zinc, glucocorticoids) Exfoilants (glycolic, salicylic acid, retinoids) (54 replies)
... t we are designed to eat meat or consume animal fats such as dairy because we need essential Vitamin A, B12, D, complete amino acids from animal protein, DHA and EPA as essential fats. ... (15 replies)
... Fish oil = fish body oil it does NOT contain vitamin A. Should be taken with accutane to combat depression. Comes in either sardine or salmon. Salmon is better. Cod liver oil = fish liver oil which contains vitamin A, (hence the reason why they call it by a different name) Should not be taken with accutane. They both are rich in EPA/DHA. (12 replies)
Jan 21, 2004
... EPA is then turned into prostaglandins. BUT Flaxseed oil does not have all the same effects as Fish Oil, since the amount of ALA that is converted into EPA is much less than the amount of EPA found in Fish Oil. ... (10 replies)
... ack to the original brand I was taking, which was Sundown, for those of you who are curious, and my skin got better. I took it for about a year and a half and my acne cleared up almost completely while I was on it. ... (26 replies)
... you're absolutely right!!! fish oil contributes to healthy skin - this supplement is widely used by celebrities. My doctor told me about its benefits too - though I am not consistent taking it everyday, I noticed the change on my skin either - I had major breakouts last spring-summer, it just made my skin healthier and no more cystic pimples. I am using Nature's Made or... (62 replies)
... (This is NOT an advertisement. I'm just mentioning a new product that is the first of its kind which is supposed to help with acne. It just recently came out in all health food stores like Whole Foods, Capers, and Choices Markets... and I couldn't help but notice it. It sparked my interest, and I've done some research on it... and I thought I'd ask what others think about it.)... (6 replies)
Jan 21, 2004
... EPA is then turned into prostaglandins. BUT Flaxseed oil does not have all the same effects as Fish Oil, since the amount of ALA that is converted into EPA is much less than the amount of EPA found in Fish Oil. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Larry, Are you still having trouble dealing with your cystic acne? What I listed for Jelohi in terms of diet to help manage her LDL/HDL ratio is pretty much the same diet you would follow to manage cystic acne. Perricone says that all acne is inflammatory and I believe that is true, but some acne is more inflammed than others such as cysts & nodules and that's why some... (10 replies)
... so i started to take it... i am now only on my 2nd week, and to my suprise the biggest change has been my acne outbreaks. ... (62 replies)
... some acnes can be treated easily while some dont. if, for example, you get acne because you drink 2 glasses of milk every night then you can easily cure your acne by stopping drinking those. ... (24 replies)

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