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... I honestly don't know what guys do about hormonal acne. I am clueless about that one since it is the male hormone that actually causes acne in women. I would ask the doctor about that one but I have heard of men taking natural progesterone...maybe something to investigate. ... (25 replies)
... of all acne cases. The exceptions would be those that have an allergy to a food or skin care ingredient. ... (3 replies)
... m here for those of you that have found that you only breakout after sex or that it gets worse after sex, may be that you are deficient in something. Of course, acne sufferers are always deficient in at least one enzyme, nutrient, etc, right? ... (25 replies)

... Androgens are hormones that can cause masculinization in women with certain hormone imbalances. So, I figured that maybe my body could use a little extra estrogen boost. What the heck, it's worth a try. ... (8 replies)
... I will say that males are more complicated than females when we look at changes in androgen production. ... (30 replies)
... acne and found that eliminating the soy primarily if not entirely resolved their hypothyroidism and acne problems, may want to look out for Equol. ... (18 replies)
... For those interested, yes there is a genetic component to developing acne, in that certain people will be more "at risk", but there has yet to be specific acne gene. Just like there probably isn't a specific coughing gene, sneezing gene, when we get sick, right? ... (54 replies)
... potent, yet sometimes "bad" Estrogen form. ... (18 replies)
... Adding estrogen will cause males to develop female characteristics, but just lowering testosterone doesn't. ... (63 replies)
... Absolutely! I've NEVER come across anything that says that acne is it's own disease. Acne, just like a cough or the chicken pox, is a sign or symptom of something attacking, wrong, or imbalanced in our system. ... (18 replies)
... males. Smaller doses of estrogen in modern birth control pills may offset the high testosterone. ... (1 replies)
... What males absolutely cannot take is any amount of estrogen. ... (6 replies)
... Also, androgens usually are the reason for acne. Again, not everyone that has high androgen levels will develop acne, but like I've said before, acne is but one of several possible symptoms. ... (54 replies)
... Continuation of my post above.... I'm a big fan of recent studies, but these were rather shocking for me to come across as they are from almost 10 years ago (they go back further). I would've been 14 - 15 years old at the time these were published and if I had KNOWN, I would have avoided wheat, saturated fats, trans fats etc back then instead of having to wait until... (30 replies)
... sites and do only that. Those are the ones that I would definately pick over the others, because as you've mentioned, they won't interfere with testosterone or estrogen production. ... (25 replies)
Hormonal acne
Jan 9, 2004
... estrogen along with an anti-androgen is very effective in clearing your skin cause they both work as anti-androgens.androgens ( in males and females) is what causes your sebasious glands to produce more sebum. (5 replies)
... is not helpful for acne and only work for male pattern baldness and prostate problems. ... (23 replies)
... In a way these males are still producing lots of androgens, as androgens MUST be created before estrogens, but more of them are being converted to estrogens. ... (14 replies)
... Most acne sufferers are lacking some sort of enzyme and perhaps you are lacking an enzyme neccessary in the production of Cortisol. ... (6 replies)
... fore their period and thats when they feel sexiest.if they produce too much testosterone or their sebasious glands are sensative to testosterone they breakout.ok estrogen is why woman have better,softer skin than men because they produce a lot more of it. ... (13 replies)

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