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... Hello! I was on Estrostep. It seemed to clear my skin well. I really did like it, but then my university pharmacy stopped carrying it, so I had to switch. The ironic thing is, it is supposed to contain more male hormones than other bcp, so I don't know how it cleared up my skin - I've also heard that most bcp help with acne (at least for some people). Good luck! ... (3 replies)
... Has anyone been on Estrostep? If you have, do you think it is good? I just got a prescription for it, and I was wondering if it just helps when you have your monthly cycle, or if it helps all the time? Also, the question I always ask: Does it reduce your oil production? Thanks in advance! :D (3 replies)
... I was on Estrostep for about 8-9 months (don't remember for sure). I went on it to help control my cycle and for acne. When I began taking it, for two weeks I was eating saltine cracker and water and was still throwing that up. But i managed through and stayed on it, it helped control my periods for a while and then just stopped working. It never did help with my acne, maybe a... (3 replies)

... I've taken Ovcon for about 4 years now -- its the exact same chemicals that are in Estrostep, only MUCH less of that form of progestin. Never had a problem with it. However, a year or so ago I started getting cysts and one of the things they tried to do to "help" was switch my BCP to Estrostep. In two weeks I gained 11+ pounds, broke out, blood pressure went thru the roof... (1 replies)
... She gave my a prescription for estrostep fe. I got the pills today, I just need to start taking them. I haven't even taken one yet. ... (7 replies)
... me about taking estrostep. I guess this will be my first time using it so in my mind I have all the worse scenarios possible that will happen to me once i take estrostep such as massive hair loss, bumps all over my face, blood clot, heart attack and all that good stuff... hahahaa.... ... (7 replies)
... is the one you want to go to. On this site, the author of the article says thay Estrostep FE is one of the pills that is actually MORE likely to cause acne. ... (7 replies)
... Estrostep FE was the second brand of birth control pill I took. If I remember correctly, my skin cleared when I was on it. Not perfectly clear, but clearer. Since I have been on any type of BP my skin has had a large reduction in really large, inflamed zits. Good luck to you, I'd give it a few months to see how it goes! :) (5 replies)
... long.More than likely, I will quit taking mine next skin looked a heck of a lot better before. I would recommend just going ahead with the Accutane. Good Luck! ... (7 replies)
Nov 19, 2001
... eatment out there including 7 yrs on antibiotics with two treatments of acutane. NOTHING even came close to making my skin as clear as the hormone thearpy has. Good Luck! ... (4 replies)
... anyone else? (3 replies)
... you should start waking up in the morning, assuming you put tazarac on at night, and have skin flaking off. At least I do. That's when you start seeing results. Good luck. ... (2 replies)
Oct 4, 2001
... she is now into her 3rd month on Desogen and is having good results so far, only 1 cyst right before her period.... ... (2 replies)
... I hope that you find something to work, and if you do try estrostep I hope it works for you. ... (12 replies)
Jul 26, 2002
... nzol peroxide than benzaclin. So I found this website that lists the majority of birthcontrol pills and all their different levels of hormones and which ones are good for this and that. ... (6 replies)
... Good Luck! I know how excited and anxious you must feel!! I took a 6 month course of Accutane, so I will try to answer your questions... I think they do this for 2 reasons - first to ensure that you are not pregnant, and that the monthly pregnancy test result will accurately coincide with your cycle. Secondly, my derm (who is a woman too) felt that it helped redce the... (20 replies)
... Sahuja- I know how you feel, I'm 40 and never had trouble with my skin until I hit 36, it went crazy on me, I am a medical aesthetician (skin care professional) so imagine how I felt having to go to work everyday and preach about skin looking the way I did, it was awful. I immediately began using ProActiv, I have to say it worked for me. Now I faithfully use a product line... (8 replies)
... So far so good on the estrostep. I think it's still too soon to tell. ... (7 replies)
Diane 35
Dec 7, 2000
... Is there anything about this pill that might not be good for me? ... (17 replies)
... ggest if you get sick by whatever you are perscribed then call your doctor and they will perscribe you something else. Also my sister has had great success with Estrostep but when she first started taking it she had a breakout that lasted 2 months... ... (1 replies)

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