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... of acne sufferers merely are just SENSITIVE to "regular" amounts of androgen hormones and the rest of us actually do produce too much hormones. Thus why most acne sufferers skin usually calms back down once puberty is over. The same rule also applies when it comes to treating hirsutism. ... (80 replies)
... and the hair stuff started happening four years ago. ... (80 replies)
... I have regular acne and cystic acne. It has gotten worse over the years. ... (13 replies)

... m new here. I do have something to share with you about Adderall and what it did to me. First of all be very careful about magnifying, analyzing your skin and hair too much. ... (16 replies)
... When you say Testosterone are you referring to Free Testosterone? Those numbers could be Correct if that is the case, but that is so close to borderline that some days you may actually go over that number. Free T refers to the amount of Androgens that are unbound and free to be active in your system. So there may be some type of androgen that is too high, however there is:... (80 replies)
... the cystic kind, and since then the same story all u had. ... (80 replies)
Aging and Acne
Apr 18, 2009
... I have always thought it was hormonal acne and you never once suggested alternative measures"! ... (7 replies)
... Wow. Definately increase your metaformin dosage, however if you really aren't seeing a big difference when you do so, it may not be PCOS. Also, if there was no mention of your sugar/insulin levels and no one in your family is a Type II Diabetic than again it's possible it's not PCOS or Insulin Resistance (you can be skinny). I have no idea what type of diet you followed,... (80 replies)
... ression, now i'm okay and waiting to see results. on another forum they told me it would take at least 4 mos to see an effect for the acne, and 9 months for the hair to reduce. I might have to increase the dose to 1000. ... (80 replies)
... Honestly, I don't believe that excess sebum alone is the culprit, nor do I believe that bacteria is the sole culprit. ... (187 replies)
... Leukotrienes that have been found in acne lesions. ... (110 replies)
... Hi, I'm new on here. I have had acne since I was 10. 10 years ago I had co2 laser surgery and I even broke out before my skin grew back. I've tried EVERYTHING! ... (5 replies)
... I have just turned 29 and am suffering with cystic acne along with all manner of spots on my face, back and chest. ... (4 replies)
... Right, that's absolutely correct and I believe that's something I may have mentioned about myself on this thread and if not there are plenty of threads where I have done so. Thing is, I don't like to call it PCOS because I don't actually fit the classic symptoms plus this leaves males to automatically assume this can't be them. I prefer to use the term Insulin Resistance... (80 replies)
... I was trying to say something about Poly cystic ovary syndrome- which is a very common cause of acne, though a lot of times late to diagnose. Without mentioning websites or forums, i read an article somewhere, that cinnamon helps lower insulin, people with PCO have high insulin levels that cause androgens to go haywire. (80 replies)
... If so, that's probably why you were blown off. Over and over I hear how men don't get treated for excess testosterone levels out of fear of chemical castration or feeling less masculine. ... (80 replies)
Jul 10, 2001
... trycyclen, and allow me to tell you about my experience with it...When i first began it my already cystic acne flared even worse, and I was getting huge and painful cysts.... ... (11 replies)
... ANYONE can take this whether you are diabetic, PCOS, CAH, etc because it is used to reduce excess body hair, something the treatment medications can't always do for body hair that has already surfaced. ... (22 replies)
... I used to think that too, cause i'm right there with you on the hormonal roller coaster, cystic acne, fibroid, extreme pms, but i found a way to use topicals that actually worked for me. ... (8 replies)
... unusually severe acne in females, 2. severe acne that lasts into adulthood, 3. ... (30 replies)

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