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... I have suffered from acne since I was 12, I'm now 23. My entire face was always broken out and I got horrible cysts that would stay for over a year. ... (80 replies)
... Definitely sounds to me like excess Testosterone. Yes, even us females have some T, not that you really have an excess but you are converting testosterone to DyHydroTestosterone, DHT. ... (7 replies)
... the fats, then you will have higher triglyceride levels. However, this may not show up in lab work, because our bodies can take those fats and convert them into acne producing hormones! Maybe this is why B5 works wonders for some of you. ... (10 replies)

... what testosterone was lowered? ... (114 replies)
... If you're going to supplement with anything, this is what you want to go with. 2 tablespoons a day might keep the acne at bay! Also, try and get a good run in at least 5 times a week, it helps clean the lymph nodes. ... (46 replies)
... Yes, we all have some form of acne on this board but I guarentee you that we all have dozens of reasons why. For me it is a ongoing hormonal disorder vs. ... (23 replies)
... Diet. Cut back on sugars, simple carbs and dairy. Many who have gone on low carb diets have claimed their acne got better. Also, drink a ton of water. ... (3 replies)
... Man my heart goes out to you soo much. It suxs the way acne can screw with us. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a good support system or the finances to help with their problem. ... (17 replies)
... Well for me it's several things........ *constant breakouts ONLY on chin and jawline(despite taking vitamins and herbs RELIGIOUSLY and IMMACULATE skincare including Retin-A) *acne worse during TOM *I had irregular periods prior to taking Saw Palmetto (been taking it 4 months now--periods now reg) *Very oily skin and hair *I've been losing my hair for a year and a half now... (6 replies)
... It's also a hormone inbalance caused by excess testosterone. Which can be triggered and worsened by high glycemic foods, but some teenagers are still going to get regardless of their diet. ... (2 replies)
... However, this isn't as potent as DHT or Testosterone and may not be a problem. If you want to reduce this amount, you must raise your estrogen levels or your SHBG levels, but that relies or estrogen anyway. ... (2 replies)
... of all acne cases. The exceptions would be those that have an allergy to a food or skin care ingredient. ... (3 replies)
... of acne sufferers merely are just SENSITIVE to "regular" amounts of androgen hormones and the rest of us actually do produce too much hormones. Thus why most acne sufferers skin usually calms back down once puberty is over. The same rule also applies when it comes to treating hirsutism. ... (80 replies)
... Whoa! Sweet... Thanks SweetJade1. after reading ost of your post,i realized what i studies at Biology is just kindergarden of Medical. lol... Thanks.... IWillHelpYou when wll you help us further? :D (114 replies)
... Testosterone go hand in hand, they are anabolic hormones. So if you have High Free Testosterone levels, chances are you also have HIGH Insulin Levels, but it could also be due to another hormonal disorder that's indirectly related to Glucose Intolerance. ... (114 replies)
... but some are also androgen antagonists. After all, if you can reduce the inflammation, most acne formation probably wouldn't result...but whatever we do use for this, antibiotics are NOT the solution. ... (21 replies)
... For those interested, yes there is a genetic component to developing acne, in that certain people will be more "at risk", but there has yet to be specific acne gene. Just like there probably isn't a specific coughing gene, sneezing gene, when we get sick, right? ... (54 replies)
... is not helpful for acne and only work for male pattern baldness and prostate problems. ... (23 replies)
... by studying what helps us control, prevent or eliminate our breakouts. So, would everyone agree with me that most definitions of ACNE state that it's a condition of having clogged pores or follicles caused by a combination of the factors below? ... (97 replies)
... These don't necessarily lower testosterone levels, but block it from being used for many undesirable things, like the production of excess oil, hirsutism which is unwanted male pattern hair in women, and even male patterned baldness. Some of these are zinc, Saw Palmetto and Nettle leaf. ... (6 replies)

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