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... I get oily skin on the top part of my back and chest through to my scalp, where even my ears daily become oily. ... (12 replies)
... so dry that i can't even smile and when i open my mouth to eat, it hurts cause i think my skin is torn. ... (1 replies)
... initially, due to the formation of new skin cells. ... (11 replies)

... Hi again, I just wanted to say that the idea from below is good, though i would assume you would water down the dawn ultra soap before using it, it could be harsh on your skin. Also now that the warm weather has passed it's just horrible wearing jumpers over my skin. Is there any research being carried out in terms of oily skin, as opposed to just pimples and Acne,... (12 replies)
... It does cause dry patches around my nose and mouth. In fact, I think I'm not going to be able to use it anymore due to this. The skin around my nose is continually peeling and red and uncomfortable. ... (9 replies)
... a posts already, but I have a few questions about it's affect on oil production and acne and exactly what tretinoin does. Let me run through my acne history real quick just to give all the details. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, let me start by saying that I used to have incredibly oily skin a few years ago, the oily skin was an even bigger problem for me than the acne was, even though I had severe cystic acne all over my face. ... (1 replies)
Oily skin
Nov 5, 2004
... Oil is produced on the inside so all of these drying products only last for a while, and in fact most derms will tell you to keep clear of products that cause excessive dryness because it will only make you oil gland have to work that much faster to bring back the hydration your skin NEEDS. ... (14 replies)
... Overshowering can sometimes make your skin more irritated which creates more oily, so I do recommend to cut down the showering. Also, oily skin can also be because if you have a lot of body hair, that produces oil on the skin. ... (12 replies)
... just my two cents but the oil is pretty much there to stay and you are lucky that you don't have a lot of clogged pores. ... (12 replies)
... excessive oil production. ... (6 replies)
... hormonal for the most part. My dad is 50 and has oily skin also which doesn't make me feel better about the situation. ... (12 replies)
Excessive oil
Jan 8, 2006
... Perhaps you are drying your skin out too much with the acne free system, thus causing your skin to produce more oil to compensate. If you are using tretinoin, you should cleanse with something mild. ... (2 replies)
... Hey Thankyou to everyone that has responded, it's good to know that im not alone, and the helpful advice is good. My diet has always been healthy/ i always ate a wide variety of foods though i used to be really skinny as a child and i thought that was the case, but now im sort of the ideal weight not skinny anymore, and i still get oily skin. One major factor though was... (12 replies)
Excessive oil
Jan 6, 2006
... I don't really have acne.. I get pimples but I seem to have those under control.. my problem is that my skin is really oily, and it looks very shiny and greasy. ... (2 replies)
... Anyone out there have a solution, either over the counter or prescription wise for excessive oil production? ... (9 replies)
... I don't suffer from OCD, but my face is extremely oily and I am 45. My skin has always been this way and so is my hair. I have to wash my hair everyday or it looks like someone has poured oil in it. ... (12 replies)
... Accutane dries up oil. It permanently shrinks the oil glads. ... (12 replies)
... The ph level, i don't know why i haven't looked into it, but ive tried the ph level soap at some stage and it didn't do much, so whatever dissolves the oil substance, should work, that it is ph level being at one end of the scale or the other. ... (12 replies)
... The only thing that help me with excessive oil production was "accutane". But after accutane, i still got mild acne so the doctor put me on birth control and that is the only thing that controls it. ... (24 replies)

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