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... So i tried this free trial for one of the Acne Complex kits from Murad, and it really helped my skin. ... (13 replies)
Adult Acne
Dec 27, 2004
... I bought the kit called "Get Clear. Stay Clear. Acne Complex Kit." It contains clarifying cleanser, exfoliating acne treatment gel, acne spot treatment, and skin perfecting lotion. My skin felt so smooth after using the products one time. ... (73 replies)
... nser and the Skin Perfecting Lotion. I swear by these products. They have been a part of my clear skin care rountine for almost one year. Even though I found the Exfoliating Gel to be drying I did see an improvement in my skin clarity. ... (8 replies)

PanOxyl acne gel
May 21, 2006
... Well, I had Pustules and Cysts back then, I did have a few black and white heads, but after using the soap and exfoliating with a buff puff for a while I have not had them since. ... (17 replies)
... nine month. That was the first drug that had a noticeable effect...I'd say my skin with my first dermatologist's regimen was about as bad as it is now...moderate acne with some mild cystic characteristics. ... (1 replies)
... and the normal sized exfoliating cleanser is 16.00 just by itself. ... (2 replies)
... I'm a 23 year old female who has been fighting horrible acne since I was about 11 years old. ... (4 replies)
... About one year ago I purchased the whole Murad Acne Complex system after seeing it on an infomercial. ... (8 replies)
... Oh and be careful about exfoliating over the acne. I was told that you can break the tops of the acne off and spread the infection. ... (10 replies)
... uper healthy. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, LOTS of water, etc. In terms of what to use on his face, all I can really recommend is using a gentle cleanser, exfoliating often, and using jojoba oil. You should really read up on jojoba, it's an amazing plant. ... (13 replies)
... NO problem, glad to help, if i can control my acne now, you definitely can. As for being a wrestler, that should be no problem. ... (73 replies)
Acne chat
May 31, 2005
... I have i think modrate acne actually sometimes its serve, it gets really bad, round the time of my peroids. ... (3 replies)
... This may be true for some clients, the oil our skin produces is a natural barrier which protects the skin. HOWEVER, those of us with acne have acne because our skin does not shed properly and the dead cells clog our sebaceous glands causing breakouts. ... (10 replies)
Acne Scars
Oct 19, 2006
... well after i started to get rid of my pimples, i too had scars left over. But drinking more water and exfoliating my skin once a week has helped out alot. ... (8 replies)
... waxing, exfoliating, Tend Skin, acne washes, body acne washes, alpha hydroxy creams, all kinds of exfoliating creams with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? ... (4 replies)
... uhm, EV... can you personally assure me that if i take on this regimen, it won't actually make my acne worse and beyond control? ... (429 replies)
... ggested BHA is that for acne, it's usually recommended over AHA for exfoliating. AHA is fine for most people, but for acne, BHA tends to have an edge. However, exfoliating with something is always better than nothing! ... (17 replies)
... my teens loved the exfoliating scrubs, particularly the st. yves...but be sure you don't use it to "scrub off" acne.. ... (6 replies)
... I've been TOTALLY stressed out lately, there's absolutely nothing worse than clearing up your face then having acne back again! ... (2 replies)
... I've found more home remedies if you guys want to check it out:*********.php?t=320 "Ingredients: Aspirin (uncoated) Aspirin contains salicylic acid, used in many d prescription acne treatments Apple Cider Vinegar (10 replies)

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