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Pure Zone works ??
Jan 20, 2004
... Hi, I've been using Pure Zone for a week now..I have the exfoliating scrub gel and the anti regreasing moisturiser. ... (1 replies)
... Well, from the looks of your pics, your skin is not exfoliating itself properly which means you have to help it do so. ... (14 replies)
... BHA liquid. BHA is great for oily, clogged, acne prone skin. ... (7 replies)

... n my experience so far...the aspirin mask didn't reduce any redness, it was just a great way to get rid of stubborn dead skin that didn't come off with my normal exfoliating face wash. Good way to make my skin feel softer and smoother, so far that's been about it. ... (6 replies)
... I use Aveeno clear complexion bar. There's a nice exfoliating cream wash by Aveeno as well, and I have Biore's exfoliating scrub that I use occasionally to remove dead skin and help deal with blackheads. Aveeno is really gentle on the skin and all natural. ... (3 replies)
... I've had my fair share of acne all throughout middle school and most of high school. I'm 17, currently a senior. I used to think my acne was horrible, disgusting, everything. ... (3 replies)
Found my cure
Jan 9, 2003
... tree oil and every over the counter product ever manufactured. I've had acne since I was 10 years old! ... (13 replies)
... Also, I put these in order of price range, but it doesn't neccessarily mean you get more for your money... ... (9 replies)
... relates to acne reoccurence but not how many people need a second course of Accutane. People who go on Accutane, as we all know, have SEVERE acne. ... (14 replies)
Downhill :-(
Oct 30, 2003
... Ever since I returned from my vacation, my acne has become worse and worse. ... (1 replies)
... I told her and she said, "Good, I know not to use that", all insulting like. I said something like, "Hey, you've got a lot of acne too", and she said, "Yeah, but nothing like yours!" OUCH! ... (8 replies)
... l I have some scars so I read about them and help people like you. Accutane completely cured my acne. I had SEVERE...i mean really horrible, severe acne...cystic acne too. On my face, back and chest...even sometimes on my upper arms and within a month of taking Accutane, it all cleared up. A MONTH! ... (14 replies)
... aded quickly. My skin definitley has a nice glow after I apply the camelia oil, but not oily as it absorbs quickly. I think I need to just add one more step of exfoliating every now an again. I am not breaking out now, but have a build up of dry skin where some of my left over bumps are. ... (27 replies)
Feb 10, 2006
... I generally try not to pop any acne cause it usually makes things worse. ... (12 replies)
Growing out of it?
Dec 11, 2005
... my mom had acne about as bad as i do right now, she had it as a teen and then grew out of it after high school. if my mom grew out of it does that mean i will too? ... (13 replies)
... And also I'm scared to use an exfoliating soap cos i still have some acne on my face and thought it could irritate it... ... (9 replies)
... Thanks in advance for any advice!. ... (2 replies)
... ut my skin was more supple and "awake" looking if that makes any sense. I do hope it helps you, though. I've tried diet change, drowning myself with water, the exfoliating every day, the hands away from face and nothing helped my acne. ... (11 replies)
Tazorac anybody?
Sep 12, 2003
... could not believe what came up, however, you need to treat those nasty suckers with some type of antibiotic or benzoyl peroxide. I found this out by reading the acne cure and it makes sense. ... (6 replies)
... Zia makes a wonderful Pumpkin Exfoliating mask. ... (2 replies)

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