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... Ive heard about not extracting the white heads, but i was also told that if you extract them then put warm-hot vicks on your face it helps, so i will be trying that. I dont have much of a problem with whiteheads, my problem is with blackheads. My mom has always told me to extract them that if I dont they will leave dimples? So I do extract them, I was wondering if this is... (0 replies)
Apr 1, 2002
... I think a good suggestion would be to have the derm remove your blackheads. That's what I do, and I'm assured that I won't gt breakouts after. I tried extracting blackheads but what happens is, if they don't come out, somehow the pore gets irritated and turns into a pimple, so as much as possible, DON'T pick your face (12 replies)
... well after i extract the blackheads on my nose the pore where the blackhead used to be is still kinda brown even i a pretty sure theres nothin in it, y is this? ... (1 replies)

... Be careful extracting because you can cause swelling and irritation, which just makes them look worse. ... (3 replies)
... and I use Nu Skin's Epoche glacial marine mud mask. The mud mask makes my skin look cleaner, but doesn't do a whole lot in terms of actually extracting blackheads. ... (10 replies)
... Right after I use a biore pore strip there is still alittle brown in the pore. I recomend using a cleanser for me its the Aveeno foaming and then a pore cleaning mask on your nose to get the rest of the stuff out. (1 replies)
Mar 9, 2004
... If an esthetician knows what they are doing, facials can be very beneficial. But estheticians should NEVER mess with cyst, nodules, or anything that goes deeper than the epidermis. But extracting blackheads is a very common part of facials and should be done, yeah it might hurt and you might be a little red but it needs to be done and they extract them correctly (if they... (7 replies)
Face Sauna??
Jan 8, 2003
... Hi there! it is important to clean your face BEFORE you use the sauna. Then straight after the sauna (and after extracting blackheads/pimples) splash your face with cold water. (Hot steam opens pores - cold water closes them). Or if you have a topical acne tonic (liquid that you apply with a cotton pad) apply that to your skin right after the sauna so the medication can... (6 replies)
... My doctor advised me not to undergo any microdemabrasion procedure if you are still breaking out...clear out your skin first then you can have microdemabrasion, I advise you to have european facial (cleaning, extracting of blackheads/whiteheads)...hope this would help :) (2 replies)
... Have you tried gently extracting it? ... (7 replies)
Acne Surgery
Feb 9, 2005
... Well yes and no...Yes because you are extracting from already infected pores and they can heal quicker. and yes, because you do not squeeze them which could cause MAJOR damage. ... (9 replies)
Taking Accutane
Jan 20, 2005
... clear but with a small bit of pigmentation problems due to the initial breakout. I am sure that will clear up fast after I am off accutane. Also, I still have blackheads ... any suggestions on that? ... (83 replies)
... i know there have been threads about this before. i get these all the time on the nose and around the nose area. i would think they are blackheads only they are not black and look pretty clean and insignificant (they look yellow when in the skin and orangeish yellow once you extract them from skin). i have some pretty big ones sometimes but they all come out real easily if... (4 replies)
... like after extracting any blackheads near the surface. ... (7 replies)
... Mart for blackheads only but it did work on whiteheads. Its metal with two blunt rounded ends with a hole in the middle. One end has a large hole, the other a small hole. ... (4 replies)
Do Nothing!
Oct 30, 2001
... ed that this would happen at first. I didn't wear makeup at all so I didn't have to worry how I was going to get it off. I noticed after a few days my skin was extracting the white and blackheads on it's own and my face was getting less and less oily. What was happening is my body was healing it's self. ... (50 replies)
... xtraction of the pimples and blackheads. My first experiance was awful cause i had cysts so you can looked like a scene from a horror movie! After extracting what she can she'll usually give you some sort of relaxing face mask to help with the redness. The redness usually goes away in a day or two. ... (4 replies)

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