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... and I hated it... lots of swelling. Some of the swelling was above my eyebrow, so I thought some type of deep deep cyst in that area was what was causing my left eyebrow to swell. ... (0 replies)
Jun 22, 2009
... how can i remove my acne under the eyebrow? (0 replies)
Hormonal Acne?
May 16, 2006
... I've been battling with acne for five years now, I'm 22/f now. My acne is mild/moderate. Here's a description of my acne: redness/blotchiness irritation where the pimples are pustules, or pimples that if left alone turn into pustules slightly painful pimples along the jawline and eyebrow bone, the ones along the jawline are aligned on the bone dry itchy skin if no... (4 replies)

... now i have two what i would call inflamed whiteheads on each side of my mouth which are killing me right now. i also have 3 pretty big red bumps above my right eyebrow that look like they are turning into huge whitehead pus things. i have old pimple marks all over my cheeks and tiny red bumps all over my jawline. ... (31 replies)
... LOL, you REALLY wanna know what bugs me? I just got finished making a list cuz it was starting to add up there, so here ya go ;-) Major Irritants - Gluten - Wheat, Barely, Rye, & Oats - various acne & horrible painful menstrual cramps Diary - even 100% organic, side of face pimples or cysts, Gluten-Free Cereal & Organic Dairy - Tiny cysts in & around my... (23 replies)
Recurring acne
Dec 5, 2003
... sounds like a cyst man, i once had a reocurring one that ironically left me with the deepest scar on my face, i suggest not ever messing with those things though (4 replies)
Recurring acne
Dec 5, 2003
... Has anyone ever had a case of recurring acne like this? I got a spot on the inside of the bridge of my nose (near to the eyebrow) and after a few days I was silly enough to burst it 'cos it was throbbing and I had to go to work. You know the feeling. Well, it went down but it came back with a vengeance about three days later. So this time I left it. About a week passed and... (4 replies)
... Ok, to start off I've had this eyebrow pimple, i guess i would call it, for almost a year.. i cant exactly remember when it started since its been so long. ... (4 replies)
Flat warts/Acne
Jun 12, 2002
... they are flat on top like a plateau. I know it sounds wierd but they are really annoying. I read that they usu. form in clusters and I have a cluster above each eyebrow like I just had a bad wax job. ... (3 replies)
Acne at age 54 ?
Dec 29, 2015
... Hi I am not really sure if this is acne. I have been to two different derm. But my mom tells them right away that I'm a picker ? S.P.D. so they don't even acknowledge me. It's been 5 going on 6 long years . I lost two son's on 9/11/2010 they were killed putting it politely. These soars r very painful most are round but the one on my ear and one on my brow are 1/4... (0 replies)
... or 3, but within the past few years, they've turned into many many more and went from just the side of my face, to spreading almost to the middle and under my eyebrow on one side and now I've got a bump on the total other side! I'm really self conscious and feel like a troll with these little things. please help! ... (5 replies)
... okay i recently just got a cyst right on top of my eyebrow. What you are describing i have had a few times but it went away after sometime. It looks like a huge bump. So not only do i have chronic acne but this cyst just appeared on the top of my forehead. (5 replies)
... om acne and sebaceous cysts. He gets some that start as blind pimples or cysts that then swell to egg sized lumps, most usually on his forehead or near the outer eyebrow region. ... (11 replies)
... Hello 5 days ago a big pimple appeared on my forehead above my left eyebrow,i thought it was just a zit and that it would pass by itself since i clean my face twice a day,the thing is the left side of my forehead got swollen so i started worrying about it and went to see a General Practitioner in my area,he told me it looks like an infection and gave me some antibiotics,today... (1 replies)
... I'm not really someone who suffers from acne or spots in general, but for some reason I keep getting spots in the same area, around my brow, just above and around my eyebrows. I wash my face every day at night, I shower every morning, usually using a blackhead scrub and an exfoliator but I always seem to get these small spots here and there around that area, which usually... (0 replies)
... Just recently, like weeks ago, these white crap started coming out from the roots of my eyebrow and they get really itchy and i gave it a light scratch and my brows started falling off! ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I'm new on here. I have had acne since I was 10. 10 years ago I had co2 laser surgery and I even broke out before my skin grew back. I've tried EVERYTHING! I spent another $3000 on some kind of laser in CA and that did NOTHING. I have used Retin A, I pick my zits, and with Retin A, the wounds stay open, never hearling... just dry and bleeding. I have pit's in my... (5 replies)
Feb 20, 2008
... did I realize it worked wonders on facial skin. It has also helped a bit on old scars. I was mugged and beaten up and had stitches on my eyebrow and didn't ever use anything but cocoa butter on it. ... (2 replies)
... I have one semi large pressure pimple that feels hard as a rock right above my eyebrow its the only one i have. How and why do they form like that and how can I get rid of it the safest and fastest? ... (1 replies)
Skintactix By Bion
Jun 25, 2007
... Well I'm now on my 5th week on skintactix and the very large pimples that I had on my cheeks are starting to go down the redness is completely gone only red pimples a little dryness because I ordered the inhibing gel and I also ordered a really awesome sunscreen from there website that has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide this stuff is by far the best sunscreen I have ever used... (3 replies)

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