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... too much testerone. Men who abuse steroids get bad acne, because of the high levels of testerone from them. PCOS is a condition that women suffer from too much facial hair, hair loss from head and problem periods. ... (17 replies)
... Gee all you ppl on here sound like getting spiro is pretty easy.Not for me i get acne mostly on my chin,and have light hair on my face.I went to the derm asked her about spiro and she didnt want to give it to me till she tried other things for my face. ... (18 replies)
... So yeah I AM SICK OF IT. True those 8 years I had good times and had it under control but all of a sudden BAM BAD. I also got facial hair, body hair, and other signs of PCS. So that is why I started on the yasmin. ... (24 replies)

... that you produce in excess. Accutane can't stop the oil completly if your hormones have too much testerone. Now... Spiro on the other hand is an androgen blocker.. ... (39 replies)
... Hello Lads and Ladies, I've recently been getting quite nasty body acne, and mild (but often cystic)! acne on my face. Considering Accutane, seeing a Derm in a few days, but am worried about the facial initial breakout (don't think I could handle it). Feel I'd be a good candidate for lose dose Accutane (say, 10mg per day) and was wondering if there were any people here... (0 replies)
My Accutane Story
Aug 22, 2005
... month 3. Facial acne stopped almost immediately. No intial breakout. Still get small pimples here and there in strange areas that intially had no acne. ... (0 replies)
... on of not going out and being on independent study etc. Also, I still havent looked at my face, I plan on doin it in May 2003 if I stay clear or stay as clear as accutane gives me. But if it gets worse again I will prob. never look at it. It makes it that much less hard to live with. ... (199 replies)
... face and hair. I am hoping it will help with acne, thin hair and facial hair. My hormones are a wreck and hopefully the spiro will help! ... (9 replies)
... i actually feel like the uncomfortable dryness and itching i had initially is getting better now that i've been on the med a while. i stopped shampooing my hair every day, and the bad dandruff i had initially is gone. ... (21 replies)
... responding from other treatments, I have to say Spiro is a miracle! I have had bad acne since 19yrs also. I'm 30 now. Went on everything under the sun including accutane 3x's, which worked the 3rd time well but acne came back almost as badly after 3 yrs off. ... (133 replies)
... i cant say how it does on actual acne, but when it comes to male faces with acne caused by facial hair, it should work. ... (8 replies)
... P.S. It's weird, when I'm going through one of my short periods of not breaking out, my facial hair grows slower, my facial skin doesn't have a general redness to it, and I even seem to heal faster. Kinda seems to point toward hormones. Anyone else experience this? ... (7 replies)
... can be a side effect. Now I just do not know if it is from the accutane or if it is something else. I am waiting to hear back from the derm. I was just wondering if many female accutane patiants are also experiencing this or not. ... (4 replies)
... With the age comes facial hair too, not fun for women. I started last year and got into a habit of picking them out with my finger nails. ... (37 replies)
... As you know, the package insert says this: Dryness of skin (with scaling, thinning, erythema, pruritus), epidernal fragility (trauma may cause blistering), rarely acne fulminans, facial hyperpigmentation, dryness of nasal mucosa (with mild epistaxis), of pharyngeal mucosa (with hoarseness), of conjunctiva (sometimes conjunctivitis), decreased tolerance to contact lenses and... (2 replies)
Nov 1, 2002
... but I have heard that there may be initial break outs with it. Yet, i dont know anything about accutane. Also other signs of it may being hormonal is increased facial hair and balding. Good luck, and keep me informed and I will do the same. ... (17 replies)
... more combo and sensetive. The derm told me a year ago he would never put me on accutane because it was not that bad. ... (22 replies)
... for someone still breaking out. Not to disappoint you but so far that has not been considered a cure for acne. If your daughter is having lots of oily skin, some facial hair or some mild body hair, then my guess is too much testosterone for her. The Yaz does get better in time with regard to being anxious. ... (133 replies)
Aug 5, 2003
... wow, you are going through a lot with the accutane and now facial hair...i don't know about that one... ... (3 replies)
For the Females
Oct 24, 2001
... i have noticed that there is a definite cycle with my breakouts. Starting about a week and a half before my period, my face begins to blowup. Also, i have some facial hair and body hair. So, I'm thinking of possibly going on birth control pills.... ... (4 replies)

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